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Saturday, February 9, 2008

2.9.08 Jazz vs. Bulls

Pregame: The Bulls come limping into the ESA despite a big win against the Golden State Whiners in their previous match-up. Deng-it is hurt and so is Hinrich. I think we all expect Utah to run their home winning streak to 12 tonight. Let's hope Booze Hound gets out of his current slump. Check out Blog-A-Bull for more information on the Bulls and their season. This is the best Bulls Blog on the internet.

1st Half:

This was the ugliest start to a game I've seen this season. These two "professional" organizations start the game a combined 2-15. Nothing better than paying $150 a seat to watch a bunch of millionaires shoot 13% from the field. The NBA, 'Where getting ripped off happens'.

The Bulls are doing a great job of keeping up with the Jazz. Thabo? Thabo? Could this possibly be another mediocre player having a career night against the Jazz? Thabo Sefolosha comes in averaging around 6 points per game and has dropped what feels like 30 pts on us in the first quarter. I actually liked Thabo's game and really wanted him to fall to the Jazz in the draft a few years back. Hey is that THE Joe Smith playing? Always get a laugh with the local crowd (tee hee hee).

After watching Kyle "K3" Korver getting a cherry under his right eye the other night, I was 100% sure he was going to come out with some sort of cover-up or foundation to cover the bruise and maintain his charming image. He will now win over all the women who like "tough guys with bruises". The guy can do no wrong in the eyes of the ladies.

Jazz build a comfortable lead in the 2nd and go into halftime up 49-39.

This is where your $150 seats really get worth the money.
How much does this guy make? Seriously. I need to know. I'm getting the feeling that investment banking was the wrong line of work for me.

Did the Jazz halftime boys just say that he was "banging on his own bottom like a bongo drum"? To keep this blog PG-13, I have no further comments on this.

The Mattness at Hardwood Paroxysm would have a field trip with this guy. They seem to be big halftime show fans over there :)

2nd Half:

I've realized that Deron Williams has elevated his game a lot the past 15 games. Has anyone else noticed his ability to get to the rim and then kick it out or pull a 'Nash' like jump pass? This is new to his arsenal. His court sense continues to amaze me.

Tyrus Thomas is an animal...but an animal who needs a trainer. He is full to the brim of raw talent, he needs a Jerry Sloan type system to instill some discipline in him and then he could elevate to superstar level. I really like watching him play.

Another classic Jazz 2nd half letting the opponent come back and making what should be a blow-out a close game. They better finish strong.

Deron continues to play at an All-Star level. If Kobe is unable to go this upcoming weekend, Deron had better be selected to take his place. Is there a PG in the league playing better ball since the start of the new year? (Don't you dare comment and say CP3 either. Especially after the beat down Deron laid on him earlier in the week.)

Andres Nocioni is the next token white guy I want in a Jazz uniform.

Ronnie Price is playing some great ball the last few weeks. Too bad Jerry has cataracts and continues to play Jason Fart (why have we not been calling him Jason Fart all year?) over Price. Ronnie Price seems to be getting more and more comfortable with the Jazz system. I think they will let Fart go at the end of the year. If I have to watch him shoot the last shot of a quarter one more time I swear I'll find out where he lives. We'll then have a massive My Utah Jazz Fanzz TP party.

Jazz closed the game out nicely. 12 wins in a row at home. The ESA has solidified itself as the best home court crowd and advantage in the NBA. Despite having the worst DJ in the history of basketball. I think I heard Puff the magic Dragon being played at one point tonight.

Final Score: Jazz 97, Bulls 87
Great defensive effort by the Jazzers. Let's finish out Seattle and go into the All-Star break as the hottest team in the league!

ESPN Recap of the Game


J. Walter Weatherman said...

Why have we not been calling him Jason Fart? Simple: because that's a stupid nickname and you can do better than that.

C.B. Jack said...

Stupid nickname? This coming from a guy with the first name Walter? and the last name Weatherman?

How many times did you get beat up as a kid?

UtesFan89 said...

ESA strike? Sounds like a good idea should it happen... though I don't think I've been there since the name change anyways.

As for Hart... I'd much prefer that he not play again and that we not have to worry about the nickname thing for him.

Boozers Hammy said...

Not to mention that you would rather go by Walter than whatever the J. stands for. It must be really bad if you chose walter over the J name. As for Fart, it is a little silly, but it perfectly describes how he plays. When he comes into the game the Jazz start to get stinky and it lingers for awhile. Jason really does play like a garlic and onion fart. I like it.

C.B. Jack said...

Who are we kidding? Everyone knows that every single nickname in this world must be witty, well thought out, and at a college degree level. How dare we use a classic elementary mindframe and call a grown man "Fart".

Hey J. Walt, remember when the word Fart was funny? You need to go back to that time and relax a little.

Ron Boone said...

Ugly Game, but at least we got the "W."
As far as "Fart-Gate" goes, a true Jazz fan realizes that nickname works perfect for our organization. Perfect example of this is our halftime crew using the phrase, "yes, he is patting his bottom like a bongo drum."
Guaranteed if you ran "Jason Fart" by that crew they would still be laughing. (Insert fake fart sound here............)
If we were more cutting edge we would call him "Jason Shart."
Speaking of which....I better run.

Ron Boone said...

P.S. Isn't J. Walter Weatherman on Anchorman?

C.B. Jack said...

It is official. Jason Hart will hereafter be known as Jason Shart on this blog.

All those in favor?

CB Jack: I

Ron Boone said...


Ron Boone said...

K-wonder said...

Actually, J. Walter Weatherman is a character from Arrested Development ( I love the show, but don't want to be associated with this particular JWW). I would like to add another vote in favor of Jason Shart however, I feel it is much better than the aforementioned Jason Fart.

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