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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is Gasol really all that

Congrats to the Lakers for being able to get a super soft Euro that could not score more than 19 points as the focal point of a crappy team. Think Memo Okur in 05-06 when Boozer was faking his hamstring injury and Jerry woulld not let the rookie D-Will get off the bench. Personally he reminds me of the giant from the Johnny and the magic bean nursery rhyme. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I don't take showers and look like a bum.

If you believe all of the talking heads out there this trade makes the Lakers the team to beat. They might even run off 45 straight wins to close out the season. I just don't see it. Gasol is a nice player for sure, but not enough to put the Lakers into the finals. I have watched him play against the Jazz for quite some time now and in my opinion he is in no way a game changer. To prove my point, lets play the trade game - if you were to swap Memo for Gasol would the Jazz be significantly better? I say no, in fact I think they might be a little worse off because Pau can not hit a big game winning shot when needed. He always seems to fade in the fourth quarter during close games. Time will tell, but I say getting Gasol for the Lakers is worth 2 or 3 more wins this year than they otherwise would have had and at best gets them out of the first round, but no further.


L-Spot said...

I don't care who the Grizzlies think they are, the rule should always be that you do not trade away a former all-star for a nobody (the Barkley trade that Bill Simmons always moans about comes to mind).

I disagree about Memo though. Aside from his brilliant lockdown of Yao in the playoffs, the guy can't play a lick of D and his offensive play has been pretty spotty for quite some time. If we had Gasol I think we would be slightly more legit than we are right now.

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Please tell me that that's a photoshop job. . .please. . .