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Monday, February 4, 2008

D-Will Vs. CP3

Never has one person needed a Jazz victory more than I do tonight. Most of you know I am a die-hard Patriots fan and for the past 24 hours I have had nothing but images of Eli Manning celebrating thrown in my face. I have asked myself a million times, why do we get so attached to one team. It is amazing how your team(s) can make or brake your day, week, month and in my case, most likely the next year. As I drove into work today I drove past a pick-up truck with a Notre Dame Football license plate frame and thought, well, it could be worse. However, then I drove by some jack-ass who just applied his shiny New York Giants decal at 9pm last night. It was obvious because that same guy had decals for the San Antonio Spurs, Boston Red Sox, UCONN's Womans B-Ball Team and Roger Federer.
Anyhow, enough of my whining , this is a Jazz blog, and we are the hottest team in the league right now and there is nothing I need more than the taste of victory. A win tonight would be huge for my moral.....that is until I lay my head down on my 18-1 Patriot's pillow:(

Here's to tonight's battle:

I really feel we can take these guy's, not just tonight, but anytime. What a matchup though. Look at how similar our numbers are:

The starters are nearly a push but our bench is where we have the advantage. Let's hope Korver is light's out tonight and Harpring and the rest of the Bench can hand it to them.
I am sure this game means a lot to D-Will, as it does to all of us Jazz fans. There is nothing we would love more than to see D-Will take it to the Media's Golden Boy.
C.B. Jack will be live in the E.S.A tonight and he better have a full report on the blog tomorrow.

My Prediction: Jazz: 103 Hornets: 99

Oh, and C.B. don't get involved in any of this:


Pick-n-Roll said...

My condolences go out to you and your beloved Pats...18-1 it could be worse...Remember those 3 SB my team lost..We all suffer demoralizing SB defeats..

To me the Hornets are just a poor mans version of the Jazz...David West reminds me of Corliss Williamson and they have a trio of black holes..Peja, Morris and Boobie Jackson..Yes they do have CP3 who is the other point guard of that 2005 draft..He is the Mark Price of the John Stockton era...The one thing I am looking to take away from this game is can CP3 v's DWILL be the next great rivalry.. I say yes!!! DWILL is too big and too strong for CP3. DWILL also wears his heart on his sleeve and plays with what I call the “IT” factor both of which cannot be taught…Don’t get me wrong CP3 is and will be a great pro, but if I had one game, one shot, I am taking DWILL eveytime..Late!

Again...Sorry Booner

RRR said...

The play, the "CATCH"!

Already number one #1 in the top ten super bowl plays. 42 two times the best of the best have squared off, and that one play hit the top of the top!

I wanted the pats to get their perfect season, which I'm glad the Giants beat GB, cuz between the pats perfect and Farve going out with a SB victory? There is no choice there.

I can really only suppose the odds makers did not either view or understand the 17th game of the season. The giants were just dialing the pats in.

Here is a kleenex, Id offer a towel but such would take you six months to get over it. Soak and wring as often as you desire to make you feel better.


JAZZ Time! Game Day!

Deron had a statement to make and OMG did he ever make it! Did not see any gratuitous ass grabs between chris and dwill. Though I know they are friends and I admire such.

Deron took him down and it took him all of what, 3 minutes? CP knows Deron is better than he is, way better, and in the last 8 meetings Deron has proven it.

This game was over almost as soon as it started, all that was left was which play would make the highlite reels! CP3 knew it when the second whistle blew.

Ron Boone said...

You are a true friend pick-n-roll.