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Friday, February 29, 2008

2.29.08 Jazz @ Hornets

The "Big Easy" isn't so easy.

I could say "Deron was cool and threw Chris Paul a bone tonight", but truth is, they both played great. Chris Paul dominated the first half, and Deron the second half. How fitting.

Jazz were down by 27 in the first half and suddenly people were thinking maybe a Bulls vs. Wizards game wouldn't have been so bad on ESPN. Utah does New Orleans a favor and commits 9, yes 9 turnovers in the first quarter. Game. Set. Match. While most people changed the channel to watch a rerun of Scrubs, I had to force myself to finish it. Of course after one quarter of ESPN, I had all of my "Vote CP3 for President, Mayor, Head of FEMA, leader of Zion" fix and had to turn it to our local talking heads. I think my wife thought my head was going to explode as I watched ESPN lick the dust off his sneakers.

The "New Faces" of the NBA aren't always pretty.

Here are some random thoughts that led to our lackluster performance tonight:

1. AK-47. So the trade deadline passes and suddenly Andrei is back to his 2007 form. Missing jumpshots, dribbling off his legs, and getting bad haircuts. How many times did Mo Peterson block his entry passes tonight? 5. I counted. "Andrei meet Ballfake, Ballfake...Andrei".

2. Booze Hound. Goes off on David West for 10 pts, 9 rebounds. In your face David West. Thanks for making me look like a fool Booze.
Note: There may be a problem in the Jazz offense when Boozer finishes a game taking only 6 shots.

3. CP2. Yeah, 2. One for each of his wins against Deron. He got his team off to a hot start and forced Utah to play catch-up from the opening minutes on. CP2 has officially made me hate the alley-oop. He makes it look too easy and almost like he's cheating. I watch him and go "nice shot Damn." about 3 times a game.

4. Kyle Korver. Where was Kyle tonight? 6 minutes. 0-1. What is Jerry's problem? It's not always the other guys fault Jerry.

Give the Hornets credit. They won a game they needed to win. The Jazz HAVE to figure out how to get a true 4th seed and have homecourt advantage. Winning the division will not get them what they need. I hope they come out tomorrow at Memphis and prove themselves. Hate to say it, but a road win at Memphis would really...(gulp)...look good for this Jazz team.

Here's another really awkward NBA attempt at a photoshoot.

Final Thought:

I'd still take Deron Williams over Chris Paul. Feel free to leave a comment about how I'm a Jazz homer and I'm blind. Well you're a New Orleans homer and you're just trying to clamour to anything that gives you hope in this life. I hope CP3 runs for mayor and builds you (insert comment here).
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My Utah Jazz said...

Great post. Summed it up perfectly. I personally would like to thank the Jazz throwing out that bag of cow turd in the first quarter. It inspired me to turn off the TV and paint the office. Thats right, I would rather paint an office than watch that crap. I am a sucker however and kept the DVR going so I could watch the rest of the game in super fast forward just in case. And I was almost rewarded for it. I have never been more pissed and proud at the Jazz in the same game. Especially Derron, he would have sold his little sister to the whore house to win that game. Too bad only Memo showed up to help. I was not too impressed with Sloan's coaching tonight either, we needed Korver's shooting in the 4th pretty bad and he nailed him to the bench. The rest of the team was spent and Brother Korver was sitting there with fresh legs doing nothing.

Ryan Schwan said...

Millsap looked awesome as usual. That guy is an under-rated monster. It's nice to watch a Jazz-Hornets game and not see the Hornets being the team crapping all over the floor.


Ken said...

Big mistake by Sloan not to play the Stoyakovic-Kirilenko mismatch more. Hubie Brown was pointing it out all night that AK absolutely needed to be involved more in the Jazz offense. He does so many good things and it became obvious in the 4th quarter when he scored several times on Peja. Dammit Sloan - call a few plays for AK.

I agree - what is the deal with Korver? Is he hurt? He seems tentative to move without the ball and get open.