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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kyle "K3" Korver

Have you been asking yourself "Why isn't Kyle "K3" Korver in the three-point shooting contest in Old Orleans? I sure have. What if I told you the answer was because he needs to wash his dirty underwear? Well it's true.

Thanks Kyle for representing the laundromat.

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RRR said...

PHX beat down Dallas tonight.

Short recap needed;

During the last three minutes of the game, Shaq OnNeil, debuting with his third NBA team firmly established his position on the team and on the court.

Yes he did, during a rapid 12-2 run and acceleration of the point gap, Shaq was firmly planted on the H. Yes the H painted in the middle of the court!

Though not actually an intentional position assignment by DeAntoni It just happened to be where shaq was able to make it to as the offense and defensive positions of each team were rapidly changed.

Shaq did well though, he had 7 tackles, though only called twice for clotheslining Dirk. Instant replay did however prove that one was unintentional, as he was just trying to get his body turned the other direction after a steal by Nash.

MR. Kerr was unsure if he could get other teams to paint this particular land mark for Shaq for road games, but indicated he would try. Must really be a Magic spot eh?