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Monday, February 25, 2008

Are you kidding me?

So I'm doing my daily cruise on Hardwood Paroxysm, and I run into this post from Hoopsvibe.

Is this guy for real? Chris Paul and David West over D-Will and Booze Hound?

I tried to keep a cool head and finish the article without punching my computer. This was just the venom I needed to stay up late and post. I understand that New Orleans is having a great season and I will be the first to say CP3 is an MVP candidate.

NEWSFLASH: So is Deron. I'm not sure why Deron doesn't get the MVP pub. Oh right, it's because he plays with another All-Star in Boozer. And Paul plays with a "good thing the game is in our stadium this year" All-Star in West. So what gives?

I'm done with the All-Star snub, because I really think most people outside of New Orleans agree that Deron should have been in that game.

You know what I want this post to do? Create some comments. We would love to hear what you, our reader, thinks of Paul and West being a better duo than Deron and Boozer. Please leave a comment and state your case. The best comment will win the opportunity to be a guest blogger on any Jazz topic (it's the best I can do). So let's hear it My Utah Jazz fans...and other people wo agree with me.


Scrumtrulescent said...

duplicate that I posted there:
last 5 matchups between the 4 players (Jazz are 4-1): Williams - 19.6 pts 9 assists. Booz - 18.8 pts 14.5 rb. Paul - 11.8 pts 9 assists. West - 12.8 pts 10.3 rb. Booz and Williams combined double doubles: 71. West and Paul: 55. This "debate" is ridiculous. West can’t touch Booz, although Deron and Paul are close enough that any reasonable person would take either. "Williams and Boozer are unlikely to reach the same heights as Paul." I truly don’t understand this comment. Has Paul even been to the playoffs yet?

Anonymous said...

While I'm a JAZZ fan, I think the records speak for themselves. The JAZZ, D-Will and Booz need to step it up and then we the comparisons will stop because what is obvious to us will be obvious to everyone--the JAZZ are a heck of a team.

sc5962 said...

chris paul is a good player. i'm not gonna lie. But deron is left out of all the talk because he is in Utah. it is such a small market team that only us people in the rockies know what's going on out here. D-will has become such a good player in such a short ammount of time, its incredible to watch how he gets better every week. he doesn't get all the media attention, so he isn't included in all the MVP talk. i'm sure if SLC were buried in a giant unforeseen avalanche and everyone got to see the jazz come back for the first time in a year everybody would jump all over the concept. but no major disasters in utah, so no media "feel good inspirational" spotlight. for shame. but somehow every time he beats paul head2head, everybody almost acts surprised... like they didnt see it coming. they are both great, but deron needs some credit too and i think the only way he will get it is either with a ring, or with a dominating victory over paul in the playoffs

Ron Boone said...

Anonymous: A two game difference speaks for itself? Really? Scrumtrulescent just posted the record that speaks for itself. I could see if the Hornets were up 20games on us, but two games? Come on.

Ron Boone said...

Yes, I am a Jazz homer, but the
D-Will/Boozer duo is hands down a better duo. Yes, Chris "Media God" Paul is awesome. In fact, I would actually like him if it weren't for the amount of attention us Jazz fans see him get while D-Will gets a Vitamin Water commercial thrown in during "KJZZ TV's Morning Cafe."
But ask anyone who knows anything and has ever watched these two play, they would have a hard time giving Paul the nod over D-Will. It's a push at best. I give the edge to D-Will for two reasons 1. I live in Utah. 2. Because he owns Paul in head-to-head battles. Regardless, both the Jazz and Hornets are fighting for the 8th seed without them.
Boozer vs. West, however: No contest there. Boozer is the man. I am not even going to waste anymmore space explaining myself.

Mike said...

I really don't understand his statement, "He’s beyond an All-Star. He’s an All-NBA First Team candidate and, right now, the best point guard in the world. Williams and Boozer are unlikely to reach the same heights as Paul.". I will only agree to him if Paul himself admit that he's an alien playing in the human league. It's very unfair for DWill to say that considering his heroics in 2007 Western Conference Finals where he averages 25.8 pts, 8 ast, 2.4 st., against the Spurs. He also shots 52.7% FG and 47% 3PT%. He such a revelation that he even "outplayed" the performance of LBJames in the Finals against the same team and Spurs just couldn't do anything to stop him, they just contained the rest of the JAZZ to win the series. CP3's stats against the spurs this season is not that bad but DWill has the advantage in pts & 3pt%. Time will tell he is better, but as of now, career-achievement-wise, Our "wannabe-black" Boy has the slight edge over CP3. And by the way, he's not the best point guard in the world, that will be true only if deron didn't learn balls and Jason "D'Heartless" Hart plays the point with Booz, oh what a nightmare for the Jazz franchise.

Anonymous said...

I wish i could say that the two duo's aren't even comparable, but unfortunately for Jazz fans, the Hornets are really good. Seeing as I live in Utah, the answer is easy: my pick is with the duo that nobody talks about. I suppose that is just how it goes if you play in Utah, so I will learn to deal with not being noticed until this June. I am just sick of the Hornets (and more specifically, Chris Paul) getting all of the media and attention. Don't worry Jazz fans, soon the world will know we exist, and more importantly, that Williams is better than Paul, and he deserves to be an all-star