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Friday, February 22, 2008

We have a little work to do

I was just taking a look at the current playoff standings and the Jazz need to move up. I dont want anything to do with the 4 seed this year. As it stands right now we would get the Spurs and then the golf course. I would feel a lot better about the 3 seed or the 2 seed. The good news is we have least amount of games against .500 or better teams - 14 total -than any of the other 7 playoff teams. Our two main rivals for the 2 and 3 seed - New Orleans and Phoenix - have 18 and 19 games left against .500 or better teams and the Lakers have 15. Hopefully that helps us secure our position in the top 3. And then maybe the Warriors can squeak in with the 7 seed so we can have an easy first round series and rest up for the real competition. Speaking of the Warriors, I really wish that they would have traded for Artest. It would have been the highest of comedy to see Jackson and Artest on the same team. Can you imagine the security concerns that the other players would have? We need to find a way to make that happen, I bet they would fight each other during the game.


Ryan Schwan said...

Actually - Artest and Stephen Jackson played together in Indiana, remember? You know, Artest went into the crowd and Jackson ran in after, decking random people in support of his teammate. Then Jackson strutted out of the arena, his hands in the air, shouting something about "rolling" - probably with his insane buddy.

C.B. Jack said...

Correct on the Indiana thing. Now take those same two lunatics and put them in Oakland...with that crowd...with The Beard, Al Harrington, Monte & Tatman Barnes all cheering them on. Welcome to the WWFNBA. They would have to put 10' plexi glass around the court.

The stadium would look like one of those Phillipeano underground kickboxing rings with guys running around taking bets all the time.

NBA. Where holy $#@F*!&# happens.

Boozers Hammy said...

Wow, I can't believe that I forgot they were on the same team. How the hell did that ever happen? They were both such big parts of the brawl I just naturally thought that they were enemies. I guess we already know what the outcome would be, but I still want to see it happen. Again.

JAZZMAN said...

Jacko would have a nine tucked into his shorts, and fire it into the air if anybody came close to Artest. They should be reunited!