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Monday, February 11, 2008

How to play H-O-R-S-E -by Pistol Pete

Since our own First Round draft pick Morris Almond has been selected to play in the D-League game of HORSE for All-Star weekend, I thought we could provide him with some ideas.

Not from Deron Williams, nor Carlos Boozer. Not even Kyle "K3" Korver can prepare young Morris for this game. To truly get him ready, we give him the master of all HORSE competitions. Pistol. Keep the Jazz streak alive Morris.

RIP Pistol.

Since we are one the topic of Pete. Hands down he is the best passer to ever dribble a basketball. This coming from a John Stockton fan and a Steve Nash witness. Nobody will ever play like The Pistol. This is in honor of my Father-in-Law, who is always reminding me that Pistol was his favorite player to watch. A video for you Louie.


Stevia Suave said...

Amazing! Now that was some impressive showmanship. Thanks for sharing the videos. I haven't ever really seen Pistol Pete clips.

Boozers Hammy said...

Can you imagine AK and Pistol on the same team? I bet Jarron Collins would get knocked out three times per game with passes that ricocheted off his head. Sloan would start muttering like a lunatic and then get a technical for yelling at his own team. We need to make up some my utah jazz shirts with the number 7 and Pistol on the back.

Ron Boone said...

I would buy it right now....In fact I know a guy that does that kind of stuff. Want me to call him? Nah, I'll just search the phone book for someone closer to home.

C.B. Jack said...

Dude, just go talk to Chad. He'll hook you up. Tell him CB Jack sent you...or Whistle if you want an additional 15% off.

Ron Boone said...

"Here comes your buddy!"

C.B. Jack said...

Thanks BUD!

Pick-n-Roll said...

Vintage, it doesnt get any better than Pistol..As kid I remember sitting down drinking a cup of milk, then putting on my longest undies I could find and prentend I was Pistol. I would bounce balls of the between my legs,moms legs, your legs come to think about it anyones legs I would take a dribble or two...That was my Pistol!!!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, did anyone else notice that he seemed to only shoot 2-3 footers...Gotta love the NBA sometimes.

Ron Boone said...

If you have ever played ball with Pick-N-Roll you will know he truly is the poor man's Pistol Pete. I can't even count how many times I have been clocked upside the face by one of his nasty passes.
Hey Pick-N-Roll, it's never too late. Sabonis was 52 when he finally made it into the league. I will be your agent. In fact, I have a few things set up if you aren't to proud to play for the Salt Lake City 4th Ward.