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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2.19.08 Jazz vs. Warriors

I hate the Warriors. No, seriously...I really don't like them. I know this is the way I started my McNuggets post, but I really don't like the Warriors and their whining either. Sorry for being blunt Warrior fans, but I just got really burnt out last year by the whole "us against the world" thing. I do think you have the 2nd best fans in the NBA however.

Hey Baron, thanks for the 5 second highlight last year on Kirilenko. Here is an 8 minute reminder of how well the Jazz play as a TEAM!

Ah the good ol' days when Golden State was in the playoffs. Hope you enjoyed it. Look at the bright side, you will have a 0.50% chance of getting the 1st pick in the draft.

1st Half:

This game is lights out. You would think D-Will would have a difficult time matching up against The Beard, but he plays him tough. Deron just needs to stay out of foul trouble. That will be his downfall in this game.

Boozer hasn't missed a beat. This guys is such a beast and seriously punishes the Warriors front line. Golden State will keep the game close thanks to their incredible ability to shoot the outside shot. Is there anyone who can't hit a three on that team?

Did you see the guys with the yellow "We Believe" shirts and the beards? What studs. Good for them for sticking to their guns. Very funny.

Here is a running blog of the game at Golden State of Mind.

At the half we on pace for a 278 point game. I'm speechless.
2nd Half:

What a dominating performance by the Jazz. Deron is playing like the All-Star he should have been. Truth is, he and Baron Davis should have both dressed for that game. Can you imagine a backcourt of Baron Davis and D-Will? Love it. I hate to see Baron get hurt. I think the competition is good for Deron and for the intensity of the game. When these two teams play, there is some serious electricity on the floor. I would love to see another playoff match-up this post season. I just don't think GS will get there.

Deron has elevated his game since December more than any player in the NBA. Not only are his stats up, but his leadership and decision making are stunning. This is his team. I love the Booze Hound, but as Deron goes, so do the Jazz go.

Whew. The GS bench made it a game there at the end. This was a statement game for the Jazz. They needed to carry their winning ways not only to the All-Star break, but over and past it as well.

If I was a ref I would never call a foul on Al Harrington. Dude looks like he could whig out at any given moment. Don't run into this guy in a dark alley (unless you have Booze Hound at your side).

Final Score: Jazz 119, Warriors 109 (and it wasn't that close)

Post of the night on Golden State of Mind: i hate the jazz. they dont show any sportsmanship when they play. they always play their best players until the last second and they always shove people in the back. the nba should look into how the jazz play.

(Why can't I stop laughing? You would die if I posted all of the Anonymous comments I've been getting from Warriors fans. Hey Anonymous, you are the reason we don't like GS)
Postgame interview and Andrei says "this game was over with about 7 or 8 minutes to go". What are you talking about AK? Who do you think you are playing? ESA is a tough place for the Warriors to play. They give a lot of effort, but seem to come up short.
What a great first half of basketball. This was more entertaining than the All-Star game. Good win for the Jazzers. The bad part is that Denver, SA, Houston and LA (73-37 at halftime against the Hawks. Are you kidding me?)

Here is what the rest of the world had to say about the game:

Not so much friends:
Like em when they love on the Jazz, hate them when they don't:


Anonymous said...

It strikes me as an odd impulse to spew about how you really, really hate a team when you dominate them. Let's not kid ourselves, the Warriors and Jazz don't have the history of, say, Lakers/Celtics or even more recently Suns/Spurs. It seems a little silly, especially when the Warriors haven't centrally figured in harming the Jazz franchise in over 15 years. I could imagine saying you really, really hate the Bulls for example. That would make sense.

It's also poor form to encourage whatever level of readership you have to flame a Warriors blog.

Anonymous said...

yeah you might own us, but at least we're not from utah.

Boozers Hammy said...

Ahhh, fianlly a clue to where and who the mysterious anonymous is. It makes sense that you are Californian and a Warriors fan. I bet you don't shower daily, will vote for Hillary, wipe left handed and claim your history comes from monkeys.

Please remember to come and comment on our blog in May and June when our team is pushing for the finals and your team is deciding what to do for the summer.

C.B. Jack said...

Get some Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

actually,Utah is rated the top place to live. It is a wonderful place to raise a family. Our economy is thriving and house prices are relativly low. We have 4 beautiful seasons and the greatest snow on earth. Love the whistle

Anonymous said...

Oh don't worry, us Warrior fans will check into the blog in June. You guys do need some participation. This is a pretty lame blog. I actually think Utah is gorgeous. I love the Wasatch Mountains and used to always stop in Park City on my drive out to college. But when it comes to basketball fever, you just can't hold a candle to the atmosphere and the frenzy of the Oracle and Warriors basketball. You Jazz fans talk a lot of trash. I guess it's founded but you better be ready to reap the consequences when Warriors solve their match-up problem against Utah. I can't wait to shove it in your face when the Warriors pull it off

C.B. Jack said...

This is awesome! Lood at the GS fans comparing our little blog to GSoM. You don't see me walking around comparing myself to Ghandi either. Congrats on your sweet blog, can I have its autograph?

Playoffs? We're here talking about playoffs?

GS-We Dream.

Ron Boone said...

Can you really talk smack about someone's blog?
If so, then I bet can beat up
Where you at now?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you care so much about a team that you can beat 9 out of 10 times. Wouldn't you want the Warriors in the playoffs against the Jazz? Seems to me that would be a free pass into the next round.

But then again, I also think you should put more effort into those teams who can actually compete with the know, like the Lakers and the Suns.

Ron Boone said...

1. Because we can.
2. Stephen Jackson
3. Baron Davis
4. Matt Barnes
5. Stephen Jackson
6. Chris Webber
7. Just don't like them.
....did I mention Stephen Jackson? Remember when he ran up in the stands and hit that old man?...that was so cool....oh wait, not it wasn't. Boooooooooooooooo Stephen Jackson.

Boozers Hammy said...

Dear Anonymous,

This is the thing, we are currently talking smack about the Warriors and your dillusional idea that you are good team because we just kicked the crap out of you again. Ask the fine folks over in Denver about smack we laid on them after we beat that group of thugs.

Just for the record, that is 7 of the last 8 games for the Jazz, do you really think it's a matter of match-ups and then you will be able to beat us? The fact of the matter is your team is poorly put together as an "And 1" team and will never be able to beat a team with discipline. Believe us, after tip off of Friday's game against the Clips we will stop caring about your weak ass team again.

k-wonder said...

Booner, you're crazy man. I LOVE Stephen Jackson. he is probably my favorite player that does not where a Jazz uniform. I could care less if he is crazy, he's hilarious (possibly unintentionally).

PS:Thanks a lot for getting that damn song stuck in my head (YouTube clip)