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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2.2.08 Jazz @ Wolves

Jazz let this one slip away.

I'm not sure what to say about tonight's game.
Jazz shoot 42%, but it felt like 30%.

They also pull off a season high 24 turnovers. 10 in the first quarter. Are we trying to make getting homecourt advantage impossible? We've now lost 2 - 3, and both losses came at the hands of really bad teams. Minnesota is not good. That is the truth. And they did this all without Walker, who is probably the best offensive player on that team.

But leave it to the Jazz to give another career night to an athlete (McCants).

I kept waiting for Deron to take this game over in the 4th and it never happened. It is extremely frustrating to me to see us drop a game like this. Denver loses last night and we have a chance to up another full game, and we drop the ball. It's as if nobody told the Jazz that KG wasn't on the Wolves anymore and we thought he'd drop a triple double on us before the game even started.

The Wolves had 4 guys with 20+ pts, and not one of them an All-Star. Besides Jefferson, most people haven't even heard of these guys since their college days.

Al Jefferson: 22
Randy Foye: 20
Ryan Gomes: 20
Rashad McCants: 22

The Jazzers meanwhile had two players with 12+ pts.
Boozer: 34
D-Will: 18

The Jazz have to get some confidence back going into this stretch of games. These teams are too good out West to sit and wait for the Jazz to wipe away their tears. A few more stretches like this, and we'll be in the ping pong ball business.

The one thing that bothered me the most tonight. Jerry Sloan. Father Time didn't get off his dead butt more than twice this whole game. I felt like the Jazz were playing good enough to win this game with a little encouragement from their coach. There was no fire in his eyes at all. Thanks Jerry, this loss goes on your head.

Final Score: Jazz 100, Wolves 111 (28th in Offense, although they looked like the Suns tonight)

We get three more chances to redeem ourselves against Minnie. I want 3 victories by a combined 84 pts just to make me forget this loss.

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Biased Fan

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Whistle said...

Thanks Jazz. It's been real. Better get the golf clubs out early. Even better start playing like you actually care.

C.B. Jack said...

I'm getting a Timberwolves putter cover.

Ron Boone said...

I wonder if we will see Sloan at Riverbend this year.

RRR said...

Why it’s so cold in MN balls freeze in mid air inside!

Why it’s so cold in MN tennis shoes stick to the floor!

Why it’s so cold in MN you can’t hold on to the ball!

Why it’s so cold in MN your blood freezes you up, inside!

That was one cold performance, seems like they sent the JazzBoyz instead of the JazzMen, again.

Horny said...

I would love to see Whistle Nuts actually come out golfing this year. c.b. jack, is that a throwback Kevin Garnett putter cover?

C.B. Jack said...

It's actually a throwback KG with Mark Madson in the background putter cover.

Ron Boone said...

At least one Utah Man walked away with a victory....Michael Doleac. Did anyone else notice his face? It was exactly like all of us look when we are stuck in some mandatory meeting where you go over everything you are doing wrong etc. etc. Poor guy...well, not really. He makes over three million a year. But still, he looks like he is hating life in Minny....

K-wonder said...

Alright let's not get crazy here. Antoine Walker is NOT Minnesota's best offensive player. That is all.

C.B. Jack said...

Who else can shoot outside of 5 feet on that team?

C.B. Jack said...

Who else can shoot outside of 5 feet on that team?

K-wonder said...

Not Antoine. The guy's got worse shot selection than Jonathan Tavernari, and hasn't had the same amount of athleticism he used to for about 8 years. Not to mention that every NBA player wants to kick his ass for doing that stupid shimmy thing after hitting another meaningless three.

Minnesota's best offensive player in my opinion is Rashad McCants.