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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

why do I even watch?

My hope of the Jazz winning the Western conference is over. I have never been more frustrated with a team that can't win on the freakin road. Is it really that difficult to play on the road when the home teams has 1000 depressed fans in there seats. The Jazz aren't good enough right know to start coasting. They looked so flat I was getting embarrassed with the amount of effort they were playing with. I am even more pissed because, I can't listen to any sports talk radio, espn, fsn, and N.B.A. tv. because my team lost. Sometimes I wish I didn't care so much. But, of course my dumb ass will be watching the game tonight win, lose, or draw.



Boozers Hammy said...

You hit it right on the head here whistle. I just went to the Maverick for my morning Diet Coke and had to change the station to My 99.5 because I was too pissed to listen to the sports stations. To top it all off, I am faking sick and staying home from work and have to avoid ESPN all day. Thanks Jazz, I gave up sex for you once, but not again. You better get your shiz together soon.

Ron Boone said...

I am the same fact, I have not turned on the NFL Network since the Superbowl.
The Jazz came into last night's game thinking they already had it in the bag...including Sloan. Very poor effort. Chances of them rebounding tonight against Detroit? Well, if it's anything like last night, Pistons 164 Jazz 78 (But for some reason J-Shart will drop 55 just so we have something to be optimistic about.)
Thanks Jazz. Next time you want to drop your entire fan base on their ass, think of the children. (Insert picture of my 4 Year old crying in her D-Will jersey here.)

Things I hate List as of 2.27.08:
1. Jazz
2. Jazz Coaching Staff
3. Memo (He is the only person I know that works as little as me on the Basketball court...but he makes Millions.)
4. Politics
5. Politics in Bingham Baseball
6. Jazz
7. Is anyone still reading?



P.S. 8. Golden State Warriors

Horny said...

Can we have a draw? That would be a hell of a lot better than watching them loose to a horrid team on the road! Once the Jazz get on a roll they become head cases and don't prepare well for games they SHOULD WIN!!! I put some of that on the coaching staff. Teams that go far in the playoffs kill the teams they should kill! We need that killer instinct! I think the Jazz will be on a mission tonight, because of thier disastrous night in Minnesota! It's good to be home!