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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holy Fetchin Crap

Honestly, the Jazz were about 2 or 3 more bad possesions late in the 3rd quarter from losing me on this game. I had Big Brother just waiting to be watched on the DVR and then Brewer got that dunk. And then he played some good defense and forced a jump ball and then the game was over. If this game was on the road there is no way we can make that comeback. This was one of those games that can propel you to a higher place as a team. I dont know what switch was flipped, but I hope they can remember how to do it again. I was really happy to see Sloan keep Millsap in the game until he ran out of gas, not that Booze was playing bad, but Millsap was a man possesed tonight. Play of the game though has to go to the 91 year old lady busting out the splits during halftime, I pulled my groin just watching. Good win Jazz, now keep that intensity and go kick some Honey Bee ass!


UtesFan89 said...

What! A! Game!

'Sap was amazing.
And Memo was feeling it late from downtown.

Oh, and that Brewer series was absolutely awesome. Totally changed the game's momentum in Utah's favor.

Ron Boone said...

Nice to see the Milsap of old. He carried us. It's amazing on Boozers off night he still puts up great #'s. I was so mad at him though. It seemed in that first half everytime he touched the ball something bad happened.