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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2.7.08 Jazz @ McNuggets

Preview: This game has all the makings of a classic. I hope the stadium is sold out and that the crowd gets into it, because this is what NBA basketball is all about. I'm as pumped up for this game as any game this season. As long as we keep Linas' blanket away from him, the Jazz should prevail.

1st Half

Deron should be an all-star. I know it. You, the reader, know it. The coaches know it. The only problem? The game is being played in New Orleans and they had to make room for two hometown heroes. Deron, if you are reading this blog, which let's face it, you probably are because all Jazz men are an All-Star in the eyes of My Utah Jazz (cue "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias). Boozer needs a big game tonight. He's starting slow and needs to attack Camby, without getting blocked 7 times. Jazz up big at the half. Don't worry, Denver WILL be back.

2nd Half

Here are a few of the things I wrote down during the 2nd half:

  • Are you kidding me Memo? Shaved pits? Not a good look for you...or any man.

  • Kyle Korver. K3 as he is being labeled. Dude is incredible. When he gets the ball off the curl, he is already in shooting motion and releasing by the time his body catches up and squares to the basket. Almost impossible to defend. My Utah Jazz 's do our moms.

  • Denver is a bunch of thugs. This has been written a million times, but it is true. This team has very little sportsmanship and has ZERO respect for the game. That is why it feels so good when a quality organized group of basketball players beats the street bangers. Proof that running an intriquite offense takes more than "hops and headbands". Martin should get fined for his foul on Brewer.

  • Matt Harpring vs. Kenyon Martin. At what point is Kenyon going to pull out a 'shiv' from the locker room and knife Matty in the neck?

  • Matt Harpring vs. Carmelo. This feud has been going on for years. Matty is a tough trucker that is for sure. He doesn't back down from anyone.

  • Matt Harpring vs. Eduardo Najera. This is a new one. Najera has potential, but his career has been poisoned by playing in Denver with all of the thugs. He could be a great player outside of McNugget-ville.

  • Melo fouling out. My wife pointed out that Carmelo must have thought Harpring was the one bumping into him. It was AK. Had it been Harpring there would have been no foul called guaranteed.

  • Jazz playing with only 1.25 black guys on the court. I love this lineup. Memo, Harp, Korver, Deron and Boozer.

Are you kidding me? Deron is the man.
This guys has superstar written all over him. A Class act that Slick Williams. Jazz missed 3 or 4 easy shots in the final 90 seconds to put this game away.

Where did Kyle's stroke go? 3-4 just turned into 3-9 really quick.

Boozer goes 3-15? Where does this guy go in our big games? Time to bring it back home Carlos. I want at least a 30-15 at Sacto Friday.

What an amazing game. This one will go down in the books. This game did a few things for me, such as reminding me how I absolutely, positively, without a doubt, with every fiber of my being, I HATE THE DENVER McNUGGETS. I feel bad that the good folks of Colorado have to have these classless thugs roaming the streets in their Escalades.

Final Score: Jazz 118, McNuggets 115 (and no, I never get tired of typing McNuggets)

Best game of the season so far. It was as close to a playoff game as Denver is going to get. So I hope you McNuggets fans enjoyed it. Jazz have won 10 in a row and still can't get front page news at or . No worries. I hate them both (minus the fact I check out both sites an average of 7 times an hour, keep up the good work boys).

Here is some links to read about how the McNuggets got screwed in this game:

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Boozers Hammy said...

Maybe the Nuggets can squeak into the playoffs with a 7 or 8 seed and we will meet them again in the first round. Thanks for playing this year guys! Boozer sucked, Korver faded, Memo and Millsap foul out and we still get the big win. It looks like the McNuggets really are a bunch of Peanuts!

Jeremy said...

I am glad you guys get such joy out of these regular season wins, because you will not be getting any in the playoffs.

Just do not get too jaded while you sit at home watching the Nuggets cruise through the playoffs while you cry about how they are a bunch of thugs to your mom as she scours the personal ads in a vain attempt to find you a girlfriend.

You will also have plenty of time to read about how fun it is to roll through the playoffs over at Pickaxe and Roll!

C.B. Jack said...

I guess I can't really see where you are coming from since all of our bloggers are happily married, but that's okay.

As for Denver in the playoffs? You comment doesn't really have any bearing until they make it out of the first round. Good luck!

Jeremy said...

I had to try to come up with something lame seeing as how I could not talk trash about the game.

Now that I know you are all married, I will come up with something more appropriate next time.

Ron Boone said...

Not only are we married, but I think the average "My Utah Jazz Blogger" has 2.4 kids.
Listen, I know it's your team and if I was born and raised in Denver I would hope that I would have the same loyalty to the McThugetts as you do. Nothing wrong with that.
My biggest pet peeves of the game last night were in the closing minutes of regulation. Kenyon Martin spends 20 minutes in the key only to come up with a loose ball and layup. I bet he has a bruise on his chest this morning from the beating he gave it after that play. He is his own #1 fan.
Not that it's Melo's fault, but the NBA has to look and review these games and see how pathetic some of these calls these guys are getting...oh and they need to start calling the old wrap around play Melo does. Getting old. Course, if D-Will was doing it I wouldn't be complaining.
My point in all of this complaining is this: Nothing brings me more joy than watching us beat teams like the Nuggets. Yes, it is a regular season game, but a very important regular season game and we took it on the road. Great win. Hopefully we can keep this fire up and hit the all-star break at 13 wins in a row.

Jeremy said...

Quite honestly, I hate all the bravado the Nuggets produce as well. Many times they spend more energy patting themselves on the back than playing defense.

It is difficult to stomach, but as you pointed out, it is the hand we have been dealt.

What really bugs me is this team never grows as a group. They continually check out of games mentally for long periods of time and play selfish on offense. This is a veteran team and they should be beyond that at this point. Camby, AI and Kenyon have been big contributors on NBA finals teams. They should be able to figure out what is important (playing smart all game long) and what is not (pounding your chest). What is worse is George Karl acts like he is powerless to do anything about it.

I foresee big changes after this season for this squad if they continue down the path to the seventh seed or worse.

C.B. Jack said...

If I were you, I would be looking for work in Utah.

Anonymous said...

Hey its me anon, it was actually 1.125 black out on the court last night. Deron's dad is only 1/4 black. So Deron would be about 1/8 black. Love the blog by way, GO JAZZ!