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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Its the Jazz vs. The Peanuts Gang - part 2

The only thing that could be better than the smack down we put on the Honey Bees would be getting some revenge on the McNuggets. The rivaly is renewed on Wednesday night and I have good feelings that the Jazz will make a better showing.

In honor of the beat down that Linas Kleiza put onthe Jazz, I offer the following player for player comparison of the Nuggies and the Peanut Gang

Linas Kleiza vs. Linus Van Pelt:

Advantage: Kleiza - Van Pelt would trip on his blanket too much.

Allen Iverson vs. Woodstock:

Advantage: Woodstock - Both are very small and very quick, but Iverson might get arrested at any point so Woodstock becomes more reliable.

Carmelo Anthony vs. Peppermint Patty:

Advantage: Push - Both are the best players on their team, but also the dumbest. Peppermint Patty thinks that the Beagle playing shortstop is a "Funny Looking Boy" and Anthony is a "Funny Looking Boy"

Kenyon Martin vs. Snoopy:

Advantage: Snoopy - Martin tries to be "Joe Cool", but Snoopy IS "Joe Cool". Plus Snoopy is more durable, has a better contract and comes through big in the clutch.

Marcus Camby vs. Lucy Van Pelt:

Advantage: Camby - Both are loud, bossy and wine when things don't go their way, but Camby can block shots and I don't see Van Pelt being able to do that.

George Karl vs. Charlie Brown:

Advantage: Push - The matchup here is purely physical as both are round and bald. Both try to lead their teams, but always seem to come up short.

The final tally is 2 for the Peanuts, 2 for the Nuggets and 2 ties. Seems fitting that this matchup would come down to a tie, both teams are merely good on paper. My prediction for the game is the Jazz will exact a portion of revenge and take a close game with more defense than we saw the last time they played. Final score will something like 105 - 99.
Links to the McNuggets fans. These guys love to trash talk, so lay it on thick:


C.B. Jack said...

Best. McNuggets. Post. Ever.

Why does every McNugget player have facial hair? And I'm not talking about good facial hair. I'm talking about the guy you run into at 7-11 on Sunday morning at 6am facial hair. Good gosh boys, get some razors.

Jazz 108, McNuggets 98

Scrumtrulescent said...

If there's a game to be lost before the All-Star Break, this is it. No AK in this game hurts more than against the Hornets. Let's hope Camby doesn't play as well, Jazz: 111 Nuggets: 107

Nugg Doctor said...

HA! You think this post is funny? Just wait until you see what happens to the Junk tonight at Pepsi Center! Laugh now-cry later, Utah!


Ron Boone said...

Great Post Hammy. I think what you are explaining C.B. is facial hair like mine after two or three days without shaving. Good effort, but just not born to have a good beard, etc.
Anyway, very excited about tonight's game, we need this game and I feel we are ready for it. It is going to be close but I think we walk away with the victory 111-107.

Nugg Doctor said...

I'm calling, 111-102, Nuggs all the way. Fear Kleiza!

Nugg Doctor said...

...And if it makes you feel any better, I'll be linking to your recap (in whatever capacity that may be) in my recap (a win, obviously).

Am I the only Nuggets fan in here? Where my people at?

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Utah to find comedy with the Peanuts gang. Wow you are so cutting edge.

If it wasn't for Jerry Sloan, there would be no personality on the Jazz. It's just great how he plays his Dom role to their submissives.

RRR said...

Well Nugg Dr.

You are needed in the locker room for massages, resetting of bones, bandaging up floor abrasions,
soothing soiled nerves,bring along that shrink friend as well for an anger management session!


Hella Win!

115-118 JAZZ!

Ron Boone said...

Thanks for the comments anoymous. I am sure that Nugget locker room has a lot of personality...or ego's. One of the two. And whatever it just lost.