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Friday, February 29, 2008

Can you feel the excitement?

It's game day, and tonight is a big one, for both teams. You now its big when ESPN decides to put the two smallest markets on instead of another Miami crapfest. But before we get to the breakdown of the game between the Jazz and Hornets, I want to make a suggestion. Wouldn't it make more sense for these two teams to change names? The Utah Hornets and the New Orleans Jazz. We are the Beehive state after all and jazz music was born in New Orleans, but what do I know.

Anywho, on to the game. The Jazz come into this one on a super high after taking care of business against the Pistons, but don't forget we just lost to the Clip joint and the T-Wolves as well. If we can somehow make it to the finals, I sure hope its against the Pistons, that series would be over in 5. The Hornets also come into this game on a high of sorts after pounding the Suns, but have losses in the 3 games prior. So the question is what team is going to show up on both sides? The one thing we can be sure of is that D-Will is going to own CP3. He always does, even in meaningless All-Star competitions, in front CP3's home crowd. Deron is even a better dresser than Chris -

Seriously Chirs? A leather sports coat and gold chain that you could rope cattle with. At least he has a matching pocket square for the big bird yellow sweater he has on. I wonder if his IROC Camero is parked out back or if he drove the El Camino today?

As for the other players in tonights game, look for Korver to get more playing time and be a bigger part of the offense. He does not have to gard anyone who is super athletic so he should be able to stay in the game longer tonight. I think AK puts up pretty good numbers tonight as well, just a gut feeling there. As for the Hornets, Tyson Chandler is going to have a field day against all of our drives and get 5 or 6 blocks plus 15 rebounds. Seems like good athletic big men can always do good against us in the block department. The only other player that I would worry about is Peja, he seems to kill us a lot. This should be a classic.


Ryan Schwan said...

Actually, don't expect much shot blocking out of Tyson. He rarely leaves his feet anymore, and having more than one block in a game is a rarity for him. West is actually our best shotblocker, and will probably get one or two.

Harpring will hassle Peja. Sometimes being hassled makes Peja good, sometimes he gets really bad. I'd worry a little about Mo Pete - he's fighting for his starting job, and shooting well recently.


UtesFan89 said...

Good god the officiating was bad. At least early. I only saw the first couple of minutes.
Paul runs into AK, foul on AK.
Deron is tripped by Chandler, Paul trips over Deron... foul on Deron.
Stojakovic (I think) runs into AK... foul on AK.

And then Flop entered the game in the first. I was done by then.