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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Good night, is the NBA season over? I can't remember the last time the Jazz played! (or Horny blogging?)I know this will only get worse after tonight due to the all INTENSE NBA All-Star game. By the way did D*WILL make it??? Anyhow, I need my Jazz fix, it has been way too long! I can only handle so much quality time with the wife watching her favorite TV show "American Idol". Thank Goodness the Jazz are on tonight! I wouldn't even care if they were playing the Utah Flash, anything has to be better than watching that whacked out crazy lady on American Idol! There aren't enough meds to make that lady normal. I would like to see the Jazz go into the NBA All-Star weekend on a roll, they need this game against Seattle. I picture the game being close, but I do see a Jazz victory, with them pulling away at the end.

Jazz 105
Seattle 98

I would like to see a poll on what Major Sports League has the worst All-Star Game? (NBA, NFL, or MLB) I do NOT include Hockey for the fact NO ONE watching it, well until the NHL finals when Booner pulls out his Sid Crosby Penguins jersey.


Ron Boone said...

Good to have you back Horny. At least you have been working with AK during your long break from the blog. The only thing I look forward to during the All-Star Break is the Dunk Contest and the Three-Point Shootout.....oh wait, even those suck now. Oh well, Final Score of the All-Star Game:
West: 175
East: 130
As for tonight's game.
Jazz: 111
Sonics: 99

Pick-n-Roll said...

The NBA has an All-Star game..They have fooled me again!! I have watched the NBA going on 45 years now, and I always thought it was Sean Puffy PDiddy Diddy Combs and Fat Joe v's Snoop-a-Loop and NWA.This game sucks but if I had to pick a winner..

NWA 169
FAT Joe 69

I took 75 points from Fat Joe because of the all the names Diddy has had over the years..My lord stick with one name.LATE!!

Oh yea, Tonight the Jazz struggle but win on a Money Ball 3

Jazz 101
Sonics 99

UtesFan89 said...

All the "all-star" games suck. At least the MLB has all teams represented (though they don't always play). The voting for the NBA starters is a joke. And at least the NFL game is after the season... no hearing about it until after the SB, by which point I'm already looking ahead to the draft.

Yeah... "all-star" = total crap.

k-wonder said...

I think that is why the MLB game sucks, because all teams are represented even if it is not necessarily deserved.

I think the NFL has the voting system down perfectly (although the intensity and seriousness of the game leaves something to be desired), because coaches and players have a say as well as the fans.

NBA All-Star game fans should be prepared to see Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming and the like playing in the game for eternity.