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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2.27.08 Jazz vs. Pistons

I had to DVR the game tonigth so I could attend my niece's 5th grade play "Calamity James" (not a typo). She was the star of the show. Yes, I put a 5th grade play in front of the Jazz game. Thank the good man above for DVR, it has changed my life.

This match-up has 'Game of the month' written all over it. The Pistons roll into town with the 4th best road record in the NBA and the 2nd best overall record. Utah sits with the best home record in the league. Something has to give.

1st Half:

Just what I expected. The Minnesota Jazz came out ready to help their opponent get on ESPN's Top 10 as many times as possible. The Pistons threw the Jazz off of their game before the opening tip off. The Jazz always warm up on the same side of the floor when at home. Most teams respect this, even though the visiting team gets to choose where they warm-up. As the Jazz are starting their shoot around, out come the Pistons, led by Sheed, and they request the side in front of the Jazz bench while the Jazz are warming up. Move over to the other side Utah. What a great mental move by the Pistons. Come out and act like you own the joint.

The Jazz look lifeless aside from Memo in the first half. He always plays well against his former team. Detroit was definately sad to see him go, but they had to let him go to pay Sheed. Utah could easily lose this game by 30 tonight. Detroit has an 18 point lead and we show no signs of coming back.

2nd Half:

Jazz just can't cut into the lead. It's an 'everything you can do , I can do better' game. Detroit is a mighty good ball club. RIP is having his best game against the Jazz that I can remember. Historically he doesn't play well against the Jazz, especially in Utah. We all remember "The Block" on November 6th last year.

I was a witness from the 21st row. A game that goes down in history to me. Jazz win on a blocked RIP layup. Memo and AK both had their hands on the ball. Sweet memories.

Ronnie Brewer just put together an awesome 30 seconds of basketball. The Jazz look like a different team. I hope it's enough to eat into the lead. Welcome back ESA crowd.

It's over. I am stunned. The Jazz just pulled off an incredible comeback to solidify their dominance in the ESA. Memo hits three 3 pointers from almost the exact same spot. He is soooo streaky this year, good thing tonight was an on streak for him. Memo finished 10-18 and 4-8 from behind the arc. At least 4 of those regular field goals were 2-4 inches inside the 3 point line.

Korver got yanked in the fourth and was banished to the bench along with Boozer. Millsap was playing way too good to come off the court. Kudos to Jerry for keeping the hot hand on the court. It's something you don't see often..or...ever in a world. I thought for sure Korver would come in to seal the deal on the line, but it was Super Sophomore Ronnie Brewer who knocks down two key free throws to put the game out of reach.

Pistons played a great game in the 1st half holding the 5th best scoring team to only 42 points. The 2nd half they gave up 61 with 36 coming in the final period. A total anomoly from a team who prides themselves on their defense.

Keys to the game:
-Sheed goes 2-12 and 0-5 from downtown.
-Deron finally loses the AI/Melo arm band.
-Millsap stops triple pumping and takes it to the hoop on his initial drive.
-Deron is back to his normal self with 14 assists.
-CJ Miles didn't play (Thank you Jerry)
-Jason Shart didn't play (Thank you again Jerry)

MVP: Paul Millsap/Memo Okur
I couldn't give it to either one. They both were the reason the Jazz came back in this one. This game was everything we all hyped it up to be. Great win for the Jazz to get back in town at 4am and pull a come from behind win against the leagues 2nd best record. Ladies and gentleman, you may now re-enter the band wagon...ALL ABOARD!

Final Score: Utah 103, Detroit 95

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Scrumtrulescent said...

I'm WAYYYYYYYY out of market so I only see the national games, tonight was a night that I wish I bought league pass. I was out at a birthday party and was checking the score on my phone every 90 seconds. It was a great win, but doesn't totally erase two inexcusable losses.

UtesFan89 said...

Amazing game.
How can you be anti-CJ though?
He would have been a much better option when the Pistons went to a zone (over Harp... Korver seemed to be on Jerry's wrong side or something yesterday), and definitely a better option than Harp when Harp was being schooled by Jarvis Hayes.

Ron Boone said...

I agree with you scrumdidyumptious. It does not excuse those losses, but that was awesome. I was such a bitterman the first three quarters. In fact, I told my wife, if these jokers don't pull within eight by the end of the third we are done....but they did it and they fought all the way back. Great game. Now it's Boozer and D-Will's turn to carry us tomorrow night.

Ken said...

This was the most entertaining and satisfying-to-watch game of the season, in my opinion. I think this might be the boost they need to play at a consistently high level. The bench now has confidence since Jerry actually played them in the 4th. My only concern is that AK hasn't had a good game in weeks, which means a Russian Whine & Cheese party might be around the corner.