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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Deron's Idol comes out West

Well it looks like Deron Williams will get a few more chances each season to go head-to-head with his idol Jason Kidd.

ESPN Reporting that Kidd is on his way to the Mavs.

Hopefully we won't have to deal with Jerry Stackhouse anymore. There is a guy who I really don't like. He's had his fair share of problems with the Jazz.

Deron needs to bring it when we play Dallas on March 3rd and show the old man how things have changed in the West since he was last here.

UPDATE: I guess not.


Boozers Hammy said...

Its a freaking arms race out here in the west. Whats next, Lebron to the Warriors or maybe the Nuggets can get ahold of Dwight Howard? The really good news is this - the Suns and the Mavs have made deals that "might" help this year only. Kidd and Shaq are not getting better with age so we should be able to write them off as contenders as early as next year. I hope the Jazz don't do something stupid and trade AK for Vince Carter.

Ron Boone said...

Good for Kidd, but I still like our chances against these guys. No disrespect to them but I feel we have just as good a shot as they do.

Horny said...

It will be good to see papa kidd back in the west! I hope he shaves steps into the side of his head like he had when he got drafted by the Mavs! Oh wait, does he even have hair to do that? Welcome to the Wild Wild West papa kidd!