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Saturday, February 16, 2008

D-Will beats CP3 Again

I am starting to feel bad for Chris, he just can't beat Deron at anything these days. Deron better in college (got his team to the chamionship game), the draft (any doubt about the Jazz making the right choice now), the regular season games (Deron is something like 8-2 against Paul head to head), the playoffs (Conference Finals for Deron, nothing for Paul) and now the Skills Challenge. Not only did Deron beat Paul, but he embarassed him in front of his hometown crowd by setting the record for the event.

More from the All-Star festivities - apparently when Jerry Sloan is away, Ronnie Brewer will break all the rules. Notice the headband he's sporting for the Rookie game:

Korver is going to get extra minutes in the next 5 games for this little bit of rebellion. Being an imbred white Utahn I am very disasappointed in his thuggery. Maybe we should just trade him to Denver where all thugs belong. Just kidding Ronnie, you can stay here with us choir boys. We can look past your gangsta ways and see the child of God that you really are. Hopefully Sloan can too.


C.B. Jack said...

I couldn't agree more. Your analysis is exactly what I was going to write. Nice job Hammy.

RRR said...

DWill flat out owns CP3, and CP knows it!

DWill took him down pretty hard in the skills challenge, and it was a fine site to see!

Being friends is great, and DWill has used such to his advantage over CP as well. But it really is nice to see the competitiveness results is a warm greeting or hand shake.

CP is good, very good in fact, his performance during the AS game displayed how good he is. But it's like amazing how that draft number seemingly will haunt him forever against DWill. But it will.

Chris said...

As a Hornets fan I have to agree, CP3 seems to struggle with Williams more than any other PG in the league. I really don't understand it.

Having said that, at the end of the day D-Will was a borderline all-star this year (he should have played in the AS game IMO) and CP3's a top 2 MVP canidate. With lesser talent around him. Sorry Jazz fans, you've got a great PG, just not as great as CP3.