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Saturday, March 1, 2008

3.1.08 Jazz @ Grizzlies

Deron with one of his 19 assists. Juan Carlos Navarro may have just surpassed DeShawn Stevenson for worst beard of the 07-08 season.

Careful there Javaris. He's waiting until he gets married.

You, the reader, should be glad the Jazz won this game. I had the mother of all pessimistic posts just boiling in my head after the first quarter tonight. I prepared the whole game to write a piece on how mad I am at the Jazz.

And then they won by 21.

I wasn't exactly preparing mentally to have to blog on a win. So I'll just make a few bullet points about tonight's game.

  • Jason Collins has bad hair, is overweight, shoots 39% from the line, and still might be just a little bit better than his little brother Jaron.
  • Welcome Back Korver. What relief to see him get some minutes (24) and hit some shots (6-11, and 4-7 from downtown). This had to be big for his confidence. But shooting 1-3 from the free throw line is unacceptable.
  • 2 big DNP's. Jason Shart and CJ Miles didn't play. Coincidence that we won? I think so.
  • Deron has 19 assists, and desperately tried to get number 20 in the closing 45 seconds. He continues to impress me with his arsenal of passes. Too many turnovers tonight (7) but I will still take a 2.71 TO/Assist ratio.
  • Boozer with no double/double two nights in a row. This must stop now. The good thing is that he took 14 shots compared to 6 last night.
  • Lack of crowd noise. This made the game really fun to watch. I felt like I was at the Rocky Mountain Review. You could hear just about everything being said on the court tonight. I knew Boozer talked a lot during the game, but good night, I think he cost FSN a good $5,000 tonight in FCC fines.
  • Brian Cardinal. Something inside of me just wants him to do so good when he is on the court. Perhaps it's because I see a little Adam Keefe in him. Perhaps it's because he's a 30 year old balding white guy who can still drop the three and take you to the hole. And he reminds me of my high school and college buddy KC. A shout out to Thong Boy (don't ask, unless you know him ).
  • Rudy Gay just scored a 49 on a dunk during a game. Incredible. They should dim the lights and put a spotlight on him when he is that wide open. Just for effect.

Final Thoughts:

Glad the Jazzers pulled it out. We needed a road win like Mike Miller needs a new hair-do. Lose the perm Mike.

3 Shades of Blue (Best Memphis blog out there...might be the only one actually)


UtesFan89 said...

Hating on CJ. :(
Not mentioning the horrors of Flop playing, even in a blow-out. :(
Ronnie Brewer only playing 24 minutes... again. :(
Harpring playing. :(

Jazz winning on the road, opponent be damned. :)

Boozers Hammy said...

If an NBA game takes place in Memphis on a Saturday night does anyone know its happening? What a pathetic croud!