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Monday, March 31, 2008

3.31.08 Jazz vs. ... ...

Don't think this changes our relationship CJ.
(but nice game by the way)

Why do they play with our hearts and emotions like this? It's like the hottest most orthodox Mormon girl you've ever met. You want to walk away so bad, because dude, it ain't worth it. But then you see her at FHE night at the college ward. And suddenly you're active again.

We must protect this house!
(because we're screwed outside of it.)

This post from Bullets Forever says it better than any of us could.

I honestly felt like we should have called off the dogs a little...nah. This was too much fun. The most interesting thing that came from the Wizards was DeShawn Stevenson's beard. We need more beards in this world.

Box Score Fun

-7 players in double figures.
-Ronnie Price with a game high 34 minutes.
-Deron with 16 assists
-The entire Wizards team with 16 assists
-Every Jazzman scored...except Jason Shart...just how I like it.
-15 three pointers (New franchise record)
-Korver 6-6

Final Score: Jazz 129, ....not sure who we played .... 87

The Jazz are the best team in the WEST! Hands Down! (That is for you Matt, we don't react that harshly. But seriously, if we don't win against the Wolves Wednesday, I WILL slit my wrists.)


trollificusv2 said...

Perhaps the single most amazing statistic of the millenium: Carlos Boozer finished the game with as many blocked shots as rebounds.

What the...?

Boozers Hammy said...

I have never been so pissed off during a blow out win like I was last night. Where the hell was that effort on Sunday boys? I was pissed the most at all of the players after the game saying that this win made up for the loss in Minnesota - no it didn't. Those are two games that you should have won, beating the Eastern Confernce D-League all-stars does not count as 2 wins.

This is freaking insane, we should be the number 1 seed in the west by a long shot if our boys could take care of business on the road against the bottom feeders. Here is the list of bad losses on the road for the Jazz: Knicks, Charlotte, Miami, Clippers, T-wolves twice, Chicago, Kings twice, Hawks, Pacers and Nets. That's 12 losses on the road to teams who are truly bad. Let's say we win just 4 of those games, we would be 53-22 and have a 2 game lead as the number 1 seed in the west.

moneyman memo said...

b-hammy, why did you have to tear open the wound again by listing all those bad road losses? *weeping*

by the way, i've been meaning to ask why you guys here at My Utah Jazz are anti-C.J.? i like the guy and think he really helps the Jazz when he's on the floor. example from last night's game: in the 1st quarter he was defending a post-up by DeShawn (I think) and poked it away and saved it from going out of bounds to Deron. Those types of plays to me really show his effort and hunger to play quality defense...and i think he's finally figuring out how to do it without getting called for fouls. he might be a better on-the-ball defender than A.K. just my two cents.

C.B. Jack said...


I don't know that the entire crew at MUJ is Anti CJ, but I am. I can't speak for the other writers. I really can't tell you why I don't like him completely. It's a "in general" I don't like him thing.

I didn't like his antics while he was in the D-League. He was always on the verge of crying for them sending him there.

I didn't like his attitude towards the Rocky Mountain Review. You have to prove yourself in this league. He acted like he had a contract coming no matter what.

I think his shot is overrated. It's nice, but I've seen him go too many games 1-7 in 5 minutes to appreciate it. I feel like he is shooting a career 23% from the field.

Those are a few quick reasons. I'm sure I can give you some more with a little ore thinking.

I will give CJ this little bit of praise. He can play multiple positions. That is something that is difficult to find in the league.

Boozers Hammy said...

I used to be a lot more anti CJ for a lot of the same reasons that CB is, but I think that I am changing my opinion on him a bit lately for three reasons.

1 - He is the king of goofy pre game handshakes.
2 - He has had a pretty good attitude this year about his situation and for the most part has played pretty well.
3 - AK is really pissing me off and I want to see him traded so that leaves CJ in a good spot for me.

Scrumtrulescent said...

I can give you a reason why this wasn't the same team we saw in Minnesota. MEMO. Without him we are -16 point and -9 boards. Collins can't replicate that, nor the shooting. Deron gets assists, Boozer gets points, Memo is the 3rd option that supplements both. Remember when he missed 7 games earlier in the season? Jazz went 2-5.

Ron Boone said...

It's the T-Wolves! I saw Michael Ruffin drop 30 on those guys. We can't beat them with or without Memo.

C.B. Jack said...


Agreed on CJ's improved handshaking ability. Definately the best on the team.

I still can't buy it though. Would love to see Almond get some of his time next year. I see the Jazz signing CJ to a 2 year 3M deal.

Poor Fes. Dude gets hit in the head, stitches, bloody noses every time he sets foot on an NBA court. I felt so bad for him with his nose tampon. He was embarrassed you could tell.

Srummy. Love the Memo comment. I agree. He may be more of a main part of this team than we give him credit for. His play in March has been outstanding. I would like to see Fes get more time backing him up. I think with a little encouragement, Fes can be a defensive center that you can bring into games when you need that presense. And you can leave Memo when you need the firepower.

Just my thoughts.

I'm really liking the comments. keep it up everyone.

C.B. Jack said...

One more thing. About Boozers 2 blocks last night. When Bolerjack said "that's 35 for boozer" my wife said "In his career!" and she started laughing.

Couldn't have said it better myself dear. Thanks for being my favorite Jazz fan Amy.

Mark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark said...

Just a thought; Korver is GREAT at home, why you ask? All the 14 yr old girls screaming his name, "Ashton, Ashton." Damnit man, RECORD it on this cool little device called a Nano and take it on the road with you. In fact EVERYONE on the team RECORD the Delta Center (yea I know, still can't gut ESA,) crowd on a nano, take it with you, LISTEN to it, click your heels together 3 times and pretend you back are in Zion, then feel the spirit and play BASKETBALL! I like others on here are SO pissed after watching last night because we 'ARE' a freight train when we decide we want too be. Oh and one more thing, LM, buy them all a little blue (that gay Jazz baby blue works fine,) blankie they can take and hold up against their cheeky like Linus so they won't feel so scared away from home in the big mean world!! OK, one more thing I got to say; After someone drives down the lane 3 times in a row (and gets the 'ole' from Booze, for a easy bucket, Someone, anyone, PLEASE 'PHOHA' ( Put Him On His Ass!) If ANY team in the league should be tough is should be this one. Oh, my crazy fantasies, anyway, on we go...

Boozers Hammy said...

Hell Yeah Mark!! We need the original Big Dog Antoine Carr and his bad ass Oakley glasses patrolling the lane every now and again. I bet Fess could take on that responsibility quite well.

C.B. Jack said...


Reasons why I am really happy you found our blog:

1. Your attitude. You bring it. We like that.
2. That is one kick ass pinewood derby car on your website.
3. Anyone who gets mad when the Jazz win by 42 points is always welcome at My Utah Jazz. Remember this is not someone else's team....This is OUR (MY) Utah Jazz. So you can be as critical as you want.


Hammy. Love the Big Dog comment. We should shave Fes's head, except for a nice duck tale, give him some old school Oakly goggles. And only pay him if he fouls out of every game.

Mark said...

Thank you for the welcome. Great to be here. Great to have my opinion appreciated (somehwere other than my bathroom mirror - most mornings anyway.) And finally thanks for the comments on the car; I was a DJ in SLC back in the 80's and 'Dark side of the moon' still makes me smile. That reminds me, I'm due for another Pink Floyd laser show at Hansen planetarium (oops, guess it's gone,) or the 'U' or somewhere, you know, to calm my nerves after trying to decide 'which' Jazz team will show up next...

Boozers Hammy said...

Don't be knockin the Duck Tail - I sported one of those babies for three strait years along with the shaved steps in the side of my head with a flat top to round it off.

C.B. Jack said...

and you were (are) white with glasses. Priceless image.

UtesFan89 said...

"Anyone who gets mad when the Jazz win by 42 points is always welcome at My Utah Jazz."

Congratulations. You've just sent an open invitation for Jerry Sloan to come by.

CJ has overcome the "crying" thing... he's taken this year's constant demotions/promotions from starter to DNP-CDs like a man. As for the RMR... yes he screwed up. And it really seems like he knows it. He's been practicing his tail off (according to Sloan). But to hold it against him still is a very Sloan-like thing too... and it probably explains why he's not getting enough time. Sloan needs to get over it too.

Oh, and I looked at his shooting this year. He's shooting over 45% from the field (and over 40% from deep), both career bests. I don't remember the exact numbers, they're on my blog.

C.B. Jack said...

Wow. Thanks UtesFan. I guess I stand corrected. What is his career shooting percentage though?

I'm not a Sloan hater, nor am I a Sloan admirer. He's been great. But it's time to move on.

I love your blog. But I can't convert to being a CJ fan. Sorry.

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