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Friday, March 7, 2008

3.7.08 Jazz @ Suns

The Utah Jazz. Where "not wearing your baby blue's on the road means you might win" happens. I knew when the navy's came out we had a chance.

Utah ladies everywhere feel like we got the better side of the Giri/Korver trade.

Should a 7'1 325 pound man make a dunk look this difficult?

What a great game. I feel like every game is a playoff game. Most of the talking heads on the radio have been saying Utah could go 2-0 this weekend, but they won't. I disagree. This team is playing with passion right now. That was a grind out game of the century...outside of the Detroit game, Dallas game, Spurs game earlier in the year, the game at Denver...ok so they've had a few.

I thought Shaq really looked good. I could care less whether the Shaq trade worked or not, but tonight we saw him play the best he can at this point in his career. The Achilles heal of the trade? Shaq and his 47% free throw shooting. Suns lost an 82% career FT shooter in the Matrix. That will come to haunt them in close games such as this one.

The Suns looked like they were rolling early. Up by 12 in the first and I thought it was going to be next to impossible to come back on them. But you know what, I didn't think it was impossible. Despite all the reasons it should have been, I had a little bit of hope. I haven't had that during a road game in a while. Jazz show up for big games, regardless of whether they are at home or on the road. It's the sub .500 teams that have kept us from having the best record in the West.

Deron played like an All-Star and proved that he is 1a to Steve Nash. I love watching those two guys on the court at the same time. 2 of the top 3 going head to head is always a treat.

Utah played great in the 3rd and carried it over to the 4th. Kyle Korver did exactly what Giri couldn't ever do...hit big free throws. Poor Giri just wants to have one big game against the Jazz. You can just see him trying so hard when he is out there. But I will tell you this, watching him on the opposing team makes me realize how bad he was.

Boozer almost ended up costing us the game and I thought my wife was going to meet him at the airport just to give him the stink eye. Good thing we won, cause you don't want that coming your way Booze Hound, trust me.

Final Thoughts: Jazz go up 1/2 game on the Suns and now sits with the 5th best record in the West and are climbing fast. Deron has nothing left to prove. He is an All-Star and he is every bit as good as Nash. The Shaq experiment is starting to spin out of control.
Bring on the McNuggets.
Final Score: Jazz 126, Suns 118

Bright Side of the Sun - Who we did a pregame Q/A with.


RRR said...

"Boozer almost ended up costing us the game and I thought my wife was going to meet him at the airport just to give him the stink eye."

Oh brings about so many questions and possibilities, I suppose one just should not ask eh?

Great Game tonight. One the Jazz need to savor all night long, then git back to work as tomorrow is gonna be another one!

It appears as though SA is gonna take a rare beating from the Thuggetts. But such will hype the Thugs.

The Jazz Men as well will be hyped and can beat them.

Ron Boone said...

Great Win, Great Game. To be honest, had we lost that game, I would have still been happy with the way they fought.....nah, no I wouldn't have. I'll take the win.
I agree with you C.B. I do feel like Shaq is playing well. And honestly, did Phoenix win the title with Marion? They were not going to win with what they had so they had to try something different. I am sure they will figure it out....but it might not be until next year. Oh, and Shaq was 4-8 from the free throw line, just like Harpring. Thanks Matty.
I hope we are not to worn down for tonight's game. Our Winning Streak at Home cannot be broke by the McThuggets. Go Jazz!