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Friday, March 28, 2008

Scoreboard Watching

The way I see it, there are 5 teams to keep an eye on for the Jazz. The Hornets, Lakers, Spurs, Rockets and Suns. To get home court advantage we need to finish with a better record than 2 of them and right now we are between .5 - 3 games behind all of them. Remember those 2 losses on the road to Minnesota and the Clippers? If the Jazz had won those 2 games our record would be 49 - 23, tied for second place in the league. Yep, still bitter about those two boys (and we will not mention the Chicago and New Jersey games from the last road trip). Because of those two games we are now forced to hope that the 5 teams mentioned above give up a few for us. We do not control our own destiny at this point so we are now all fans of any team playing the 5 teams ahead of us.

Tonight for example, we are full blown fans of the Celtics (against the Hornets), Timberwolves (at the Spurs), 76ers (against the Suns) and Grizzlies (at the Lakers). Hopefully we can pick up a game against the Hornets and Suns, but it will take a walking on water type of miracle for the other 2.

On Saturday we are fans of the New Jersey Nets (against the Suns). And on Sunday we go to church and pray for The Raptors (against the Hornets) and the Wizards (against the Lakers). The Rockets and Spurs play each other on Suday so one of those two is getting a loss automatically, save your prayers for games that we need a miracle on.

The Jazz have 10 games left and need to go 9-1 to make up much ground and realistically 7-3 would be a great finishing stretch. All of this speculation assumes that the Jazz will indeed go at least 7 - 3, if they do anything less all bets are off and I am predicting a first round flame out for the boys in blue. 7-3 should get us home court advantage in the first round and then we can hope for another Golden State upset for round two. Check back for an update on where we stand coming Monday and in the meantime feel free to rub a Buddah, say a Rossarie or two, bow to Meccah, start fasting and Pray for the Jazz, we need a little divine intervention.


Scrumtrulescent said...

thank you Celtics

Scrumtrulescent said...

Way to go Celts and Grizzles!!

Ron Boone said...

Chances of us beating Minnesota?