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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3.12.08 Jazz @ Bucks

My Utah Jazz: Where (whew!) Happens.

Honestly. I figured all Jazz fans might want to stock up on underwear for this roadtrip...I have. I needed them tonight too. This is the best value pack I could find.

We barely pulled this one out. I can't take any more games like this. Watching these games are like watching a nice old 90 year old man trying to run across the street to make the light and about half way through you see him start to lose his balance. Of course there is a lady on her cell phone coming to the intersection not paying attention. Everything goes into slow motion and you are frozen. There is nothing you can do to help this poor old man. You want to honk, but you're afraid it will scare him and he'll fall for certain. Why didn't he just wait for the next light? Right when he is doing good his legs leave him and you know he is going down. You can't watch. You close your eyes and the world stops. You hear a horn. You look up and there he is on the other side of the street. And you ask in the hell did that happen? He was a gonner.

Yeah that was this game.

Speaking of crossing the street, here's a time killer for you.

Final Score: Jazz 114, Bucks 110

We won on the road and that is all that matters.

Brew Hoop


Boozers Hammy said...

Can you still be pissed at your team after a road win on a back to back night? Because I sure am. How do you come out to start game with all that fire and then just loose it for 2 1/2 quarters. Good thing the Bucks suck and can't finish a team out because we really did not deserve to win that one. During the 2nd and 3rd quarter I did not see one player cut hard or stand their ground on defense. The game tomorrow scares me, an effort like that one will get us killed.

Ken said...

There was nothing positive to take from that game. I felt sick watching with 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter - I literally had stomach pains from how unbelievably sh*tty the Jazz were playing. The only thing keeping me going was looking forward to Booner delivering on his promise to buy a WNBA jersey.

Thanks Larry K - we owe you one. You truly gift-wrapped that one and handed it to us.

On account of the great identities of the regular posters here at MyUtahJazz, I have decided to follow suit and change my boring identity. Henceforth I will be posting as "moneyman memo" instead of "ken". This is in part due to Memo's inspired play as of late. As Boler would say, "Ka-ching, ka-ching!!"

Ron Boone said...

I still can't convince myself that we won that game. I have yet to speak to my wife and kids...just like I do after a loss. Weird.
Anyway, I honestly feel like the Jazz try and play half-arsed on purpose to save energy for the big games. Horrible idea, but I swear that is their mentality. I too, as well, believe, also, that we are going to get thumped by Boston too, if we play like this again, also. (where you at now anonymous?)
By the way, great post C.B. The underwear was classic. Oddly enough I will be running by Penny's if you want me to pick some up for you.

Late, Booner

P.S. I was 5 points away from buying a WNBA jersey, do you realize that?

C.B. Jack said...

That is why you need to be careful about what you put at stake on Jazz games.

By the way, when do we get the dicky? I can do the research, but I believe you committed to wearnig won if they won three games in a row back in Jan? I'd like a picture, post, and full recap of the situation.

Ken. Welcome. We appreciate your comments. Do you have a blog? You seem to be a big Jazz fan. Where are you coming to us from? What is your social security number?

Ron Boone said...

Do we still do drug testing? If so, let's have Ken get on that. We have kind of been laxed on that because, I'll be honest, I was all hopped up on percocet last month and no one even noticed....Not for physical pain, but more for the mental pain and heart brake that comes from being a Jazz fan? (ba-doom-cha!)

C.B. Jack said...

Booner, those were smarties that I strategically filed down to look like percocet. You don't have health insurance remember? Did you forget you walk around at Best Buy and use their laptops to post on this blog? And they keep calling the cops to come drag your ass out of the building?

Smarties man. I did it to make you feel better. My bad.

Hey Ken, need a washed out ABA star/homer announcer as a roommate? Let Booner know.

Ron Boone said...

I haven't used Best Buy for months. Costco is better, it's busier and no one can tell if you work there or if you are just checking things out. Plus, with the wide variety of samples, I haven't paid for a meal in weeks. Not to mention the matresses to nap on, however, that didn't go over to well when the loaded the bunk bed I was on into the back of some moving van. I just get motion sick really easy.
Anywho, thanks for caring. And Smarties, Percocet etc. If you take enough of either you are going to get a buzz.

moneyman memo said...

Man you guys are a riot and a half. I guess it's pretty understandable given the Jazz home-away record and our delusional tendencies as fans. I stumbled across your blog around the time that boozers hammy made the dickie/sport coat promise. how appropriate that it was brought up again today.

I don't have a blog, but I scour the web daily for anything on the Jazz worth reading (another one I check out pretty regularly is Basketball fact I think that's how I got linked to here). This blog is a must-read for me every day.

How's this for fitting the prototypical rabid Jazz fan description:

I've never set foot in the state of Utah, I'm an Asian guy from California (I lived there when the Warriors sucked forever), and I've been living in Gainesville, FL for the last few years. Total freak show here, guys.

I've been following the Jazz games for years with NBA League Pass, and proudly wear Jazz paraphernalia that draw looks of confusion, bemusement, and most commonly - fits of laughter.

C.B. Jack said...

Good for you for wearing your Jazz gear with pride. I went to a game in Denver and it was getting close in the 4th quarter. I went out to the kiosk and bought me and my wife some headbands and Melo jersey's to cover our Deron paraphernalia. But then the Jazz won and I got my money back. I totally understand where you are coming from.

If you have something you want to write about let us know and we can put it up. I'm all for articles from the readers.

My Utah Jazz. Where helping Asian guys from California get their Jazz fix Happens.

C.B. Jack said...

We're happy to have you MoneyMan Memo. If you ever come to Utah for a game, you have a place to stay.

Ron Boone said...

I am going to go out on a limb and say we are the most diverse Utah Jazz Blog in the country. It is great to have you moneyman memo!

P.S. Does Charlie Villanueva look like "Sloth" from Goonies to anyone else?

Ron Boone said...

ummm, moneyman memo, Just so you are aware, C.B. Jack is in Prison.

Boozers Hammy said...

I am pretty sure that I would have never consented to wearing a dickie, but those were bad times back in December so anything is possible. The Jazz ruined my Christmas spirit this year and they are about to ruin my Easter spirit if they dont put up a better effort in the next two games. That would be the two holiest days of the Christian year and the Jazz may just ruin them both. In fact I am pretty sure that not only will I disown them, but the Big Man and His Son upstairs will stop wearing the Jazz jerseys as well. No preasure Jazzers, but you are about to lose the "God's Team" moniker if you don't show up and play hard tomorrow.