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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bring on the Bulls!

Is anyone else worried about tonight's game? Maybe it's just me being negative but I worry more about the games we should win than the games we aren't necessarily expected to win. (Thanks Minnesota, Atlanta, Miami etc. etc.)

Sure, on paper, we should man-handle these guys, but the problem is, last time we played the Bulls at home, we played to their level and squeaked by in an ugly 97-87 win. Oh, and there was no Ben Gordon, no Heinrich and no Luol Deng.
The good news though, we are on a five game win streak with momentum on our side. I have a feeling the Jazz realize they need to take care of business this week and it starts tonight.
Oh, and the other good news, I just saved a ton of money on my car Sorry. Why would I do that? I ruined an award winning first two paragraphs with an overused joke.

To make up for it, I will finish with:

A. My Prediction: Jazz 111 Bulls: 93

B. Look at our odds to make the finals

C. Hi Mom!

D. Award Winning Photos

What is this?

Does he need to use the restroom? Just curious.

Honestly? I may need to reconsider naming my future son Drew.

There we go....that's why I am naming my boy Drew. After a real Champion!

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abellamy said...

bench at the half, Bulls:29, Utah: 3. That doesnt bode well. We better pull our heads out.