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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Great Moments...umm...Pictures in Lakers History

Some of you "My Utah Jazzers" know I spent several years of my life rooting for the Lakers. Why? Well, I can only blame my Dad, who raised me a Lakers fan. Course it didn't rub off on my older brother, Boozers Hammy, he was a Hawks fan.....well, he said he was, but he cared more about his Mullet, Denim Jean Jacket and skate board. (In his defense, that was before skateboards were cool.)

At any rate, those days are over. I am a true blue, baby blue, navy blue, sometimes throwback green and occasional purple, Jazz fan. However, this morning I could not help but reflect on some of the reasons I rooted for the purple and yellow for so many years.
"Zipper" James Worthy (My Dad's favorite player)

A.C. Green (The real reason Jordan switched to 45)

Kurt 'The Stallion" Rambis

Nick "The Quick" Van Exel (His Jersey will forever be Retired in the Ron Boone home!)

Here's to the real hero's of L.A..... Now, enough with the Lakers props. I am not going to make a prediction for tonight's game. Why? Because the last three predictions I've made have ended in losses. All I am going to say is that I like our chances. Let's do this Jazz! This win would be huge in the playoff scheme of things! Go Jazz.




C.B. Jack said...

Rambis and his glasses will forever solidfy my intrigue with the white NBA players.

May you live in infamy Mr. Rambis.

K-wonder said...

For the record, I totally own a #9 Nick the Quick Jersey from his days in L.A. How it came into my possession is beyond me, but it is one of my favorites.

Ron Boone said...

YES! There are two of us!