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Friday, March 14, 2008

Looking for some luck of the Irish

Big game tonight fella's. I am really not expecting a win tonight - just a good effort and consistent play from boys in blue. If you have a leprechaun friend, rub his head for good luck or something.

I am however a Dillusionally Optomistic Fan so this is one bloggers "Keys to the Game" for a Jazz victory. (Cue Jason Shart dialing up the blackberry and lobbing it to the lower left corner of your monitor.)

#1 - Start fast. Absolutely can not get into a hole this game.
#2 - Keep up the pace. No taking quarters off like the 2nd and 3rd against the Bucks.
#3 - Keep the Celtics under 96 points. The Jazz have not lost a game in which they held the opponent to 96 or less points this year.
#4 - Dont let random scrub/birthday boy go off on you. I can handle KG and Allen and Pierce getting some points, but if Kendrick Perkins put up 25 on us tonight we are going to change Boozers name to "And One.......more free trip to the hoop for a layup if I'm guarding you"

So there you have it, the four Keys to victory, or as my good friend Ron Boone once said - "If the Jazz can score more points than the opponent, they will come out the victors in tonights contest." Thanks Ron! No really, I mean it. Thanks for the well thought out insight on what it takes to win an NBA basketball game.


C.B. Jack said...

Love the keys to the game. Nice work Hammy. My guess is within the next 5 games, both Williams and Price will get into foul trouble and Jerry will turn to Shart, only to find out he is secretly wearing his old Clippers uniform underneath and we'll have to play Jaron Collins or Fes (in a suit) at PG.

Probably not a bad third option though.

C.B. Jack said...

So what is your prediction for tonight's game Hammy?

Boozers Hammy said...

My prediction is that I will end up flinging the remote control at my 2 year old because somehow Jason Shart gets into this game and blows 3 posessions at the end of the 3rd quarter costing the Jazz 6 points who then end up loosing by 3 on a last second fade away three pointer by Big-Balls Sam Cassell. (Crtitique that run-on sentence anonymous!) The 96 point rule is going to come into effect here as the final score will be 97 to 94. Damn you Jason Shart, damn you.

C.B. Jack said...

Oh...I guess I was just asking for a score....but that works.

Scrumtrulescent said...

Win of the year so far? This, Detroit, and @ Houston?

Boozers Hammy said...

This has to be the best win of the year because it was on the road, against the best team in the NBA and they were streaking having won 10 in a row. Loved the Defensive effort tonight and D-Will was a stud! You can not say enough about his effort, that was an MVP effort.

I don't want to sound too braggy, but the Jazz nailed each one of my keys to the game.
Come out quick - check.
Keep the intensity up - check.
Keep the Celtics under 96 - check.
Dont let the scrubs go off - check.

This win makes up for the loss in Chicago, but dang this team is wildly inconsistent on the road. When its all said and done this was a great win for the Jazz tonight.

julio said...

Lets go Jazz, I am a spanish jazzfan, this year is more good, we have a new duo Williams-Boozer, is increible this players.

The sustitute of Stockton-Malone, and Mehmer Okur that remember of Jorge Garbajosa becouse in a 3 points is very good and danger for a pivots.

Congratulations for the blog.

My english is very bad, sorry.

Ron Boone said...

Too bad they lose tonight to the Nets by 25. Great win though. At least we won't face Chicago, Minnesota, Atlanta, Miami in the playoffs. We have a better shot at beating Houston, Phoenix, Boston etc.

Anonymous said...

best jazz blog out there.

Pick-n-Roll said...

Loved the intensity...Watching this game gets me excited for the playoffs...Nobody's talking about the Jazz or the Rockets, but look who could be matched up again in this years playoffs..

*Note: League keep pissing off DWILL, he only plays better when you piss him off.*