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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Did Kirilenko get Shot While I Was Out?

Although I have kept up on the Jazz over the last few days as far as wins and losses go, I have not paid attention to the minor details. Such as, Nowitzki vs. Kirilenko Round 1. Was that before or after the Floyd Mayweather fight? My family and I were in Disneyland so I only saw highlights. Classic Kirilenko. The only person I believe would have milked that even more is Ginobli....But AK did a great job. Don't get me wrong it was a hard foul but I guarantee you he felt like an idiot when the X-Ray's came back negative. Great pics below by C.B. I bet he begged the officials to allow him to shoot the free throws from the wheel chair. If Kirilenko and Ginobli are not starring in a Miami Vice spin off come 2018 I will be highly disappointed.

Anyhow, it looks like AK is out for another game....which isn't that bad really, for the mere fact that in doing so, it has provided us articles such as this below found on

Call me rude, classless, whatever, but if I was asked to pick the greatest Sports Update/Story of all time, this would be right up there. (Hands down #1 if we are simply judging short stories.) Just look at these one liners:

"Probably the falling down wasn't too bad, but like the grabbing of the neck was not good."

"I feel like my leg went one way, my body the other way and I feel like very sharp pain in the groin."

"I don't really think he did it for like mean purpose, probably like because of the situation,''

These quotes are the reason I want Kirilenko to stay a Jazz man for life. Yes, he has struggled as of late, but come on, how do you replace this?

Get Well Soon Andrei....but if not...please give the media a daily update for all of us to enjoy.

*I apologize in advance to those who will say I am classless for mocking Kirilenko's English. "Let's see you speak Russian" most of you will say. I understand completely. Classless move on my part....but it's still funny.


Anonymous said...

You should feel lucky to have a player like him on your team. All you guys do is make fun of everybody. Act like an adult.

Horny said...

great article! I am glad the reporter didn't allow himself to fix the english. Great Read!

P.S. DisneyLand? You vacation more than that travel show I see on TV every week!

Ron Boone said...

That's because I am the Host of "that travel show" you see on TV every week.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha!! that guy told you to act like adults! does he not know you guys are like 12???