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Saturday, March 8, 2008

What's that I hear?

It's the fat lady singing on the McNuggets season. Feel free guard Memo out on the three point line guys, he can shoot it. The good news for McNugget fans - I hear that it is a good draft this year and you get a chance to win the lottery. Maybe you can take OJ Mayo, he would be a perfect McThugget, right down to the look at me shoot first mentality.

The Jazz are flat out on fire. Deron is the best point guard in the league right now. No one is playing better and he is just destroying all comers. Memo is playing like a legit all-star and the bench is amazing. Good times all around. Stat of the night - Boozer, Memo, D-Will and Millsap all had double-double's.

The Utah Jazz - Where blowing out the Nuggets happens!


Jeremy said...

132 points?!?!?! It's time to take the "D" out of the Enver Nuggets again.

Brad said...

Man, how come you don't get no comments?? This is pretty good stuff, and some good pics. Nice interactions w/ 'opposing' bloggers, too.

So...what's your take on the Jazz catching, particularly, Houston and NO?

Rockets should go to 22 straight, but then their schedule toughens up. And New Orleans has a week from hell March 16th-22nd.

By April, the Jazz could easily have 3rd best record in the West, and not far off Spurs and Lakers...

Am I just following this stuff more closely this year or is this really the coolest season in the history of evar??


ps) Trolly unfamiliar with new-fangled blog thing. Trolly hit with club...

Pick-n-Roll said...

I like where we're headed right now...Nothing makes me happier than seeing AI & Melo doing the walk of shame back to Pepsi Center(and yes I drink Coke because I hated the Nuggetts that bad).

Over the next 4 road games the Jaza have a chance to show why this team should be 1 of 3 teams to beat for the Title. You can't win a title unless you win on the road...Keep up the good work BOYS...WAR Memo running for Jazz player of the Year...War Sloan for Tonya Harding AK the rest of the Season..LATE!

Ron Boone said...

This is a great season, I agree. A few of us got together to watch the Nuggets beat down and someone asked "why we never followed the Jazz this close in years past." All of us have followed the Jazz forever, but I do think the older I get the more pride I have in my home team, plus, this season is high in drama. Besides, what else do we have to do? Maried: Check. Kids: Check. Jobs: Check: We've pretty much done everything this life requires us to do so why not make the Jazz our #1 priority?
I hope my wife doesn't read this.

Boozers Hammy said...

I mentioned this an earlier post, but I think New Orleans is going to fade hard. In fact they have already started it by going 5-5 in their last 10. They will be lucky to get the 5th seed. As for Houston, what goes up must come down. They will soon realize that they are playing with-out their all star big guy and loose a few in a row. They have a monster schedule coming up too.

If the Jazz can win 3 out of 4 on this trip I think that it will cement us into the 3 seed for the playoffs. And hey there Rone Boone, thanks for the invite to watch the game. I am sure glad that you are not my brother, because Mom and Dad would pissed that you are leaving me out of the fun.

Ron Boone said...

Who said there was a party. My wife and I were watching the game when out of nowhere these guys show up in Jazz jerseys and food. I didn't want to turn them down. Besides, have you and I ever really got along? It would have been awkward for everyone.
But really, my bad, I'll never do that again.

Pick-n-Roll said...

I agree with you BOOZ, NO has to fade and not to mention Mr I can't lead my team out of the first round Mcgrady.(Yeah his mom hated him as a kid)Even if the Rockets keep this dream season going, they still need to find a way to make it out of the first round..Jazz need buckle up and make sure and play like the did against the NUGGS..Speaking of, what a waste of talent.

Did I hear all Jazz games are at Boone's house?

UtesFan89 said...

For what Jeremy said... the title of my post after that game did that exactly. :)

Interesting pic, by the way.