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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dear Jazz: You are pathetic.

Goota be proud of yourselves boys:

Same old story for the Jazz and T-Wolves. Sleep well tonight guys.


Trollificusv2 said...

I think Hot Rod is giving aid and comfort to them, d@mmit! I mean, you tell someone they're "pesky" long enough, they're going to start believing it! I could've sworn Jefferson broke a team hubble with "C'mon! Let's go pesky on their @sses!!"

Our team, OTOH, is sadly lacking in said quality. So, to tepid, timid, uninspired, lazy and pathetic, add "peskless" as an adjective to decribe our interior defense.

Mood: Darfur

C.B. Jack said...

Good point. The Pesky Timberwolves?

Who ever thought that would stick around after all these years.

Thanks Hot Rod. I hate you almost as much as I hate Jerry Sloan right now.

C.B. Jack said...

Hey Booner. Here is what Hardwood Paroxysm had to say about your post:

No fanbase reacts more harshly to losses than Utah's. I'm certain of this.

Love it. I am so bitter with the Jazz right now, I'm not sure how to express myself without getting cited for public nudity.

Ron Boone said...

I have always felt that way Hammy. Sloan has no idea how to prepare the team for these bottom feeders. Guaranteed he was at the Home Depot 30 minutes before the game when Phil Johnson called and said "uhhh, are you still picking me up." Thanks Sloan. And thanks Jazz for losing to teams that suck over and over again. Here is my bitter prediction of the last games: (Thanks for the Idea Moneyman)

Washington (home): win (A.K. fakes an injury, Memo, Hart, Miles and Harpring will miss due to the Flu.)
Minnesota (home): Loss (A.K. misses game because he locked keys in car. Price, Collins, and Ty Corbin out with the flu.)
San Antonio (home): Loss. (D-Will, Boozer, Brewer out with Flu. A.K. thought it was an away game. Shows up in S.A.)
New Orleans: loss. (D-Will dominates Paul but rest of the team is out with the flu. D-Will and Fez lose by two.)
Dallas: loss (Dirk plays in cast to lead the Mavs to a 101-98 Victory)
Denver (home): Win (As bitter as I am I still will not give Denver credit.)
Houston (home): win (A.K. beleives it is the first round of the playoffs actually plays. Gets triple-double and leads team to victory.)
San Antonio: win (Ginobli, Parker, Duncan, Finley, Bowan all sit, Jazz beat S.A. D-League Team by one. A.K. in dog house with wife. Misses game.)

Jazz go 4-4 down the stretch, win division, but not homecourt. Thanks for nothing Jazz.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Maybe a little harsh, but extremely accurate.