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Monday, March 31, 2008

Thanks for Nothing Jazz.

Jerry Sloan with the Jazz Starting Five after Sunday's Loss to Minnesota.

I have always felt the same as Boozers Hammy does: Sloan has no idea how to prepare the team for the bottom feeders. Guaranteed he was at the Home Depot 30 minutes before the game when Phil Johnson called and said "uhhh, are you still picking me up." Thanks Sloan. And thanks Jazz for losing to teams that suck over and over again.

Here is my bitter prediction of the last eight games: (Thanks for the Idea Moneyman Memo.)

Washington (home): Win (A.K. fakes an injury, Memo, Hart, Miles and Harpring will miss due to the Flu.)

Minnesota (home): Loss (A.K. misses game because he locked his keys in car. Price, Collins, and Ty Corbin out with the flu.)

San Antonio (home): Loss (D-Will, Boozer, Brewer out with Flu. A.K. thought it was an away game. Shows up in S.A.)

New Orleans: Loss (D-Will dominates Paul but rest of the team is out with the flu. D-Will and Fez lose by two.)

Dallas: Loss (Dirk plays in cast to lead the Mavs to a 101-98 Victory)

Denver (home): Win (As bitter as I am I still will not give Denver credit.)

Houston (home): Win (A.K. believes it is the first round of the playoffs actually plays. Gets triple-double and leads team to victory.)

San Antonio: Win (Ginobli, Parker, Duncan, Finley, Bowan all sit, Jazz beat S.A. D-League Team by one. A.K. in dog house with wife. Misses game.)

Jazz go 4-4 down the stretch, win division, but not home court. Thanks for nothing Jazz.




Matthew said...

Man, oh, man. Pretty good season. Young team. Thanks for nothing?

C.B. Jack said...

Good point Matt (Love your site by the way).

But yes. Thanks for nothing. That is what you get when you lose to the Wolves...twice.

Love the picture Booner. Hands down in our Top 10 this year.

What that at your daughters Birthday Party? The clowns to dry the kids tears after they watched Jerry refuse to call a timeout when the other team is on a 20-2 run?

Anonymous said...

Who the frick do you think you are?! Obviously not a Jazz fan. You're blog is disgusting and disheartening and you really need to get off AK's case. What do you have against him anyway? Man, you really need to quit being lame and killing team spirit. Grow a pair while you're at it.
The blog sucks.

C.B. Jack said...

Who the frick do we think we are? Well we're certainly not too afraid to post our name so we sign in as Anynymous for starters.

Yeah, we aren't Jazz fans. Good point. What should we change our blog name to?

Who knew AK was reading our blog and it was having such a detrimental effect in the locker room and ruining team spirit.

Ron Boone said...

Did he just say frick?

Ron Boone said...

I would hate to see how emotional AnonymASS gets over something that actually matters in life.