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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

4.2.08 Jazz vs. Those Pesky Timberwolves

While we all had butterflies in our stomach, we all would have gone to Vegas and bet on the Jazz to cover the 14 point spread. And they did.

Everyone was excited for this game.

Grandma Mabel didn't even have time to look in the mirror as she
drove on her Jazzy (pun intended) to roll down to the game.

Have the Jazz ever been this much fun to watch? Every player on the court looks like he is having the time of his life...except Andrei. Does he want out? Did his calf bother him that much that he had to look like it was torture being on the court? I can't believe I am about to write this....but....I think mediocre player. I actually would rather have him on the court than Andrei right now. Not because he is a better player, but his attitude is in line with the rest of the team. Andrei seems like he is on a different planet right now. I bet he goes home and lounges around in his old Russian team uniforms, listening to his wife's crappy Russian pop music, eating dry potatoes and dancing like this.

He must be playing video games again.

Jazz played good. Wolves didn't. I was really excited to see Mark "The Mad Dog" Madson get in the game.

I will always say this guy had Jazz man written all over him. How did we not pick him up when we lost Adam Keefe?

Deron to CJ was one of the prettiest Alley-Oops this year.

You gotta love this stat:
Final Score: Jazz 117, Pesky Wolves 100


Mark said...

Jazz ‘O’ - UN-Believable, Jazz ‘D’ – (again) UN-Believable (maybe mostly UN-seen,) but more often than not Just OK (at home – almost never even OK on the road.) If the Jazz were able to play even mediocre defense for 2 quarters a game with the offensive machine that they are they would be in great shape. I have been a Utah Jazz fan from day one. I had season tickets back in the days of AD, Ricky Green (the fastest of um all,) Griffith, big Mark, etc. They have never (in my humble opinion) had this much fire power / this much depth. When you get 7 or 8 guys in double figures and you have 4 guys who can shoot 'well' from behind the arc you have a good chance in ANY game against ANY opponent. Jazz, PLEASE, just play some 'D' now and then, please, just a little bit. There was a little stretch last night where they were actually playing good defense. So it is possible. You can play 'D' guys, so do it more than 5 or 6 minutes a game and then 'My Utah Jazz' will be in great shape. One more thing, when Memo goes on one of his little mini-steaks is there anyone that shoots better? Deadly. If he and Booze would play some just decent-ok interior defense we would be UN-beatable.

C.B. Jack said...

Agreed Mark. Their D is their Achilles Heel. Although the Jazz, as most playoff teams, will pick up their defense come Playoff time.

I just want everyone healthy, no nagging injuries, no broken hearts or hurt feelings.

I just want to face Houston in the first round. I'm not excited about Phoenix.

Ron Boone said...

My three favorite things about that game:

1. We actually beat "Those Pesky T-Wolves." I think deep down they are Hot Rod's favorite team.

2. Grandma Backwards Jersey. I saw that during the pregame and absolutely loved it. She's reached the age where you can't really give her crap so know one had the guts to say anything to her. She was just rockin' the jersey backwards. She figured, "why would you want the name in the back." Halfway during the game she probably noticed Matty's name was on the back of his jersey and then did the old slow-mo shirt turn around and acted like it had always been on the right way.

3. Lastly, I loved Ron Boone saying "The Jazz are going to hold the Wolves under 100 points tonight." Which was quickly followed by a Wovles layup and then a brain-dead inbounds pass by Millsap for another layup to give the Wolves an even Hundy. Boone just stopped talking and I honestly think I could hear the f-bombs flying from inside his head. He was livid. Loved it.

Go Jazz.


Ron Boone said...

P.S. Love the Mad Dog! He will always be a honorary Jazz Man in my eyes.

P.S.S. How about his free thows at the end of the game? The first one clanks what I beleive was the bottom left side of the rim. He then nods his head and tells his team, "I know, I know, I got this one boys." He then damn-near brakes the backboard with his second.

Love that guy.

C.B. Jack said...

That is awesome you noticed his free throws too. Classic.

My dad actually thought he might hurt someone the way he was setting screens. "That guy is gonna run someone over, they better watch out for him".

Loved it.

L.A. Jazz Fan said...

Big up to Mad Dog, aka my former home teacher from the Santa Monica 3rd Ward. (Yes, it's true -- the man did his home teaching during basketball season.) How the Jazz missed picking up another creaky white guy who goes hard every night that he gets on the floor, I'll never know.

Anonymous said...

Your comments about Andrei hit the situation right on the head. It's not that he is completely awful out there (but close to it), hes just doesn't look like he wants to be here. Hes like the angsty teenager that sulks if he doesn't get the ball or isn't patted on the back after every play. Ship him out!

C.B. Jack said...

All those in favor of giving Andrei his Pink Slip?


Mark said...

Another vote for AK goes. It's obvious he doesn't want to be here so let's do us all a favor (including AK) and grant his wish. He should play his A$$ (dollar signs intended,) for the next 6 AND the playoffs so some team will want to pay him to come play with them.

Anonymous said...

Ak is the type of star you would find on a 30 win team. Everything goes through him, all the time, and everyone talks about how good he is (because everything is going through him). But the issue is his team only wins about 30 a year. Ak's happy because he's the center of attention and he really doesn't care about winning. The organization doesn't care because well there is a lot of organizations that don't care about winning as long as they have a star who is making them money. That settles it......TO THE CLIPPERS AK GOES!

C.B. Jack said...

Hear Hear! Send him to the Clips!