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Monday, March 31, 2008

Update on Scoreboard Watching

Nevermind on watching what the other teams are doing, we have big enough problems here at home.


moneyman memo said...

So I looked at the schedule today and realized we get to play Minnesota one more time on Wednesday at home. Lovely.

My predictions:
Washington (home): win
Minnesota (home): win (PLEASE)
San Antonio (home): loss
New Orleans: loss
Dallas: win
Denver (home): loss
Houston (home): win
San Antonio: win

Win-loss record: 5-3

At least there isn't any back-to-backs left for the year. Although that didn't seem to matter much. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

C.B. Jack said...

Nervous gentlemen. I am nervous.

Forget having the division wrapped up.

Marc Stein put it best:

The Jazz have to live with the knowledge that they're the only team in the league to lose road games to Minnesota (twice), New York and Miami this season. Had they won those four games, they'd be leading the West.

Welcome back Depressed CB Jack.

C.B. Jack said...
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moneyman memo said...

Damn, c.b. Jack - that really IS depressing. Looking at the standings makes me seriously uneasy...I wonder if it's the same uneasiness that the stomachs of Brewer and Memo felt last week that caused them to wimp..err..I mean miss out on games at the most crucial time of the Jazz season.

Dear Memo and Ronnie B,

That tight knot you feel in your stomach? That's called anxiety, otherwise known as fear. You can do one of the following:

a) Put on your panties and skirt and bail out,

b) Grow a sack, put your uniform on, and go gut it out for your team.

Choose wisely.

Boozers Hammy said...

I wonder if this playing down to the competion has a lot to do with Sloan. As long as I can remember, the Jazz have always played down to their competion, even in the big finals years they seemed to loose a game to the Clippers here and there. The only constant for the Jazz over the last 20 years has been Sloan, maybe he is not doing a good enough job in getting the boys ready to play against crappy teams.

Ron Boone said...

I have always felt that way Hammy. Sloan has no idea how to prepare the team for these bottom feeders. Guaranteed he was at the Home Depot 30 minutes before the game when Phil Johnson called and said "uhhh, are you still picking me up." Thanks Sloan. And thanks Jazz for losing to teams that suck over and over again. Here is my bitter prediction of the last games: (Thanks for the Idea Moneyman)

Washington (home): win (A.K. fakes an injury, Memo, Hart, Miles and Harpring will miss due to the Flu.)
Minnesota (home): Loss (A.K. misses game because he locked keys in car. Price, Collins, and Ty Corbin out with the flu.)
San Antonio (home): Loss. (D-Will, Boozer, Brewer out with Flu. A.K. thought it was an away game. Shows up in S.A.)
New Orleans: loss. (D-Will dominates Paul but rest of the team is out with the flu. D-Will and Fez lose by two.)
Dallas: loss (Dirk plays in cast to lead the Mavs to a 101-98 Victory)
Denver (home): Win (As bitter as I am I still will not give Denver credit.)
Houston (home): win (A.K. beleives it is the first round of the playoffs actually plays. Gets triple-double and leads team to victory.)
San Antonio: win (Ginobli, Parker, Duncan, Finley, Bowan all sit, Jazz beat S.A. D-League Team by one. A.K. in dog house with wife. Misses game.)

Jazz go 4-4 down the stretch, win division, but not homecourt. Thanks for nothing Jazz.


C.B. Jack said...


That comment needs to be re-done as a post. It's too good to hide inside of another post. Just copy and paste it into a post please.

moni said...

when the jazz are playing the way they did yesterday (i got up at 3:30 a.m. to listen to the game, but that's beside the point), i have to scoreboard watch to have any hope that the world doesn't suck.

Ron Boone said...


C.B. Jack said...

Impressive Moni. Where are you located that you had to listen at 3:30 am?