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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3.11.08 Jazz @ Bulls

Quit crying and learn to win on the road.
It's nobody's fault but your own Ronald.

Nice job Jazzers. I'm at a loss for words at this point. I honestly thought the Jazz were going to pull off a double digit win. I would have gone to Vegas on it.
Question: Why can't we win on the road?
Answer: We suck.
Well there you go. I'm not going to do a recap because the truth is...there is nothing to say.
Memo had 15 turnovers in the last 8 minutes. Game over.
Final Score: Jazz 96, Bulls 108
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Ron Boone said...

Thanks Jazz.
And thanks C.B. for not wasting your time writing about a bunch of sorry sacks. What a joke. This team cannot figure out how to win games they should. I want to blame Jerry a little bit, but I don't feel right doing that when an all-star like Boozer performs that poorly. Nice job.

Dear Denver,

On second thought, lets just let you win the division.


The Utah Jazz


Boozers Hammy said...

Eff you Jazz, Eff you!

Dear Boozer,

Its called free throws and layups, you should practice them once in awhile. Oh, and Drew Gooden made you his bitch all night. How does it feel to snuggle up to that beard?

Dear Korver,

The honey moon is over kid, start playing hard every night. 12 minutes and 1 shot does not get it done. You are going to have to figure out how to stay in front of the quicker 2-guards.

Dear Derron and Memo,

When you are playing on the road your team is not wearing the white jerseys so stop passing the ball to them. It will be the dark blue jerseys that you want to look for.

Dear Bulls,

You're Welcome!

Anonymous said...

Dear Boozers Hammy,

Deron is spelled Deron.

Ken said...

C.B. - thanks for the post - your picture caption about "Ronald" put a smile back on my sour face.

I echo Boozers Hammy and Ron Boone on the angry like this are just so perplexing and deflating that's all you can do to keep it together.

I put the blame on AK for this one. I mean, it was the only difference between last week (undefeated) and last night.

If we lose to Milwaukee tonight I'm going to distance myself from this team.

Ron Boone said...

If we lose to Milwaukee tonight, I am going to go buy a WNBA Jersey.

Dear Anonymous,

Does it really matter? Deron, Derron, who gives a sh#*. We still suck.


C.B. Jack said...

I see smart minds think alike. That game was atrocious. I'm starting to question Boozers leadership ability. He is the queen of talking the talk, but tripping over his own feet when attempting to walk the walk. He talks all about how defense wins games, and then goes out and lets Drew "no"Gooden drop 22 on him. What a turntable...and a dux in my eyes right now. We must win this game. MUST.

Ken said...

Booner: LOL!! HAHAHAHA...right on - who cares about spelling when we suck this much?

C.B. Jack: Boozer's "leadership" comes in the form of his screams after someone misses a gimme shot. You know, the screams that are meant to be menacing and indicative of his intensity and focus on the game, but actually just come across as indulgent and annoying. That's Boozer's leadership for you. I'm shocked he didn't lose his voice from all the screams last night - 9 for the shots he missed, 4 for the free throws he missed, and many more for all the layups the rest of the team missed.

Dear Boozer,

Shut up.


Ron Boone said...

I like the way you think Ken.

Boozers Hammy said...

When you turn the ball over 6 times in one game, you do not get the privilege of having your name spelled correctly on my post.

Plus you spelled my name wrong anonymous, it's "boozers hammy", not "Boozer Hammy". I don't capitalize it. Ease up on the hypocrisy there fella.

Ron Boone said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwww. Snap.

C.B. Jack said...

It's getting hot in hot...


Hey anonymous. It's not D-Air-n, it's DA-Ron. Idiot.

C.B. Jack said...

Even David Stern knows that.

Ron Boone said...

Where is Byron Russell at?

C.B. Jack said...

He's playing in a european league with Geoff Malone.

Scrumtrulescent said...

Pics from the Bulls game. I was 2nd row behind the hoop and D was getting hit all night, I was upset (to put it mildly).

Ron Boone said...

I bet Marc Eeton is their caddy.

Ron Boone said...

Thanks for sharing those man. Those are great pics, great seats. Too bad we suck.
That is cool though. Good for you. Do you live in Chicago?

Scrumtrulescent said...

just outside Chicago, going to law school. I went to the game last year too, almost made it to the Pacers game (although I'm glad I missed that blowout)