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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Video of Black Out

The Deseret News has a great video of the Jazz Black Out from last night's game against the Nuggets.,5563,600,00.html

Long live the Allan Parson's Project...

I thought they did a good job of keeping it fun, yet not thuggish like you would expect at the Pepsi Center.


Hammy said...

I turned out all the lights in my basement during the lights out introduction and felt like I was really there. I had Goose-bumps all over and was giggling like a school girl.

Scrumtrulescent said...

My bro texted me asking if this was game 7 of the Finals. It can't be like that EVERY game or it will lose its novelty; am I alone on this thought?

Horny said...

I agree! Fun for the start of the season, not when we play the LA Clippers???

C.B. Jack said...

it's all about the benjamins baby. If you dropped a few hundy for floor tickets (even the clippers) you would want the full experience. Bottom line, this will sell tickets. i liked it. i would expect future games wont be so elaborate.

C.B. Jack said...

Hammy your comment made my day. Great visual image.

Kayce said...

That's it?!? It looked more like Disney on ice with bad sound.

That's not even the best intro in the building. The Blaze's intro is much better.

Yeah it sure would be a shame to lose the novelty of turning the lights off. You guys need to get out more, like to an NHL game.

Hammy said...

Welcome back Kayce. Spoken like a true fan of the team that lost.

C.B. Jack said...

how to lose your credibilty
By kayce

"you guys need to get out more, like an NHL game."

The End

Kayce said...

Just the response I'd expect from a one-team town.

Maybe if you watched a real sport once in a while you wouldn't be so enamored with someone flipping a switch.

Scrumtrulescent said...

and hockey is that REAL sport? That explains why, when they lost a season to labor disputes, no one cared

Hammy said...

Here is the order of Sports and their relevance in the US right now.

1 - NFL Football
2 - College Football
3 - NBA Basketball / MLB Baseball
4 - College Basketball
5 - Nascar
6 - Golf
7 - Triple A Baseball
8 - Arena Football
9 - High School Football
10 - Rodeo
11 - MLS Soccer
12 - Lacrosse
13 - Poker
14 - D-League basketball
15 - NHL Hockey

Kayce said...

Well let's just say it's not a sport for people with a short attention span, who are easily distracted by flashing lights, or can only support one team at a time.

Hockey players are at least top 5 in terms of the greatest athletes, and the pansies you cheer for have nothing on even the AHL players.

You want to talk about losing credibility as a sports fan? Anyone who can't appreciate what it takes to play that sport at that level has zero credibility in my book.

They play entire seasons with the same injuries that force NBA players to retire with.

Hammy said...

No one ever said that Hockey players were not real athletes. I would second your motion that those dudes are men among boys when comparing their pain thresholds with the NBA guys, its just that no one cares about it. What chanel can I watch a hockey game on? That pretty much sums up the argument.

Kayce said...

And my point was that the NHL does better stuff with the lights of for the intros every night then what the Jazz did.

I realize nobody cares, and that's because it's not as much of a betting sport (not spread friendly especially with the shoot out now) and ESPN doesn't give those kind of sports as much press. So it's harder for lazy people to follow a sport not mentioned on Sports Center.

Second point I was trying to make, it sure is a shame that people get more titilated by a produced intro than by real athletes playing an incredible sport.

Scrumtrulescent said...

I think it's safe to say that nobody cares about the intros for more much longer than the intros last. That rush of excitement doesn't last 2 1/2 hours, but maybe the players have a bit more adrenaline for the first minute or 2 of the game.

Utah does have a minor league baseball and hockey team, as well as MLS. If you're trying to imply that REAL sports fans like hockey, then that's certainly your own opinion, but the same could be said about golf, baseball, soccer, college sports and cricket. They all have their detractors.

SLC is not a hockey town, nor is it a baseball town. That doesn't make the fans there any less REAL.