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Thursday, October 16, 2008

CB Jack vs. CJ Miles: Round 5

Here was my thought process as I watched the preseason game against the Nuggets.

Before the game:
"I should post a recap about the game and rag on the Nuggets. I should also post about how the current Jazz players are starting to look more like the 90's Jazz players."

After the 1st quarter:
"I should post about how I don't like the Nuggets and how they have become the Cincinnati Bengals of the NBA."

At Halftime:
"I think I'll post about how Deron Williams is an underrated defender"

After the 3rd quarter:
"I am definitely going to post about how Deron is an underrated defender, how Boozer is still soft, how AK should NOT be coming off the bench, and how I didn't really miss Matt Harpring except when Kenyon Martin was on the floor and I wanted them to fight."

After regulation:
"I wish this game would end. I should blog on that. I should blog on the fact that the Nuggets have no business challenging the Jazz for the division title. The Northwest Division is a two horse race. Jazz and Blazers."

After the OT loss:
"I have given this team my heart and soul. I have dedicated countless hours to complaining about their every move and praising their every other move. I have jumped on and off of multiple band wagons. But one bandwagon I have driven and am wearing a seat belt on is the CJ MILES IS HORRIBLE bandwagon. If he trips and loses another game for this team, preseason or not, I am going to jump Jazz ship all together."

Hop on Jazz fans because it's the truth.

(Queue my venom for CJ Miles to start foaming from my mouth)
You think the Feds bailed out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? You think they are letting Wall Street executives off the hook? This is nothing compared to the Bailout we are giving Kevin O'Connor and the Jazz Brass for signing CJ Miles to his fat contract.

How on earth did we let them convince us that CJ Miles was worth 14.8M over 4 years. Honestly. Maybe it was our fault. The Bloggers fault for not making a big enough stink that this guy is not the future, he is not a starter, and he is an NBA journeyman at best.

No, I refuse to take the blame. I'm blaming all of you Jazz fans. I'm blaming Larry Miller's illness. I'm blaming Greg Miller for letting K'OC talk him into one of the biggest blunders in Jazz history. That's right, I just dropped the history line.

Don't give me the "It's Preseason" line either. Here are CJ's stats so far in this preseason.

-Started all 4 games
-just under 20 minutes per game
-Shooting 29.2% from the field
-Shooting 68% from FT line
-Shooting 20% from 3-pt line
-2.5 rebounds
-1.8 assists
-2 turnovers
-7 pts per game

Do not start this kid under any circumstances. His defense has been below average at best. Don't try and talk me out of this. Sorry Hammy but I just cannot agree with you or the rest of the world about bringing AK off the bench and starting CJ. The blogging world and beat writers everywhere are justifying themselves with claims that are nothing short of a reach. Fact is, the Jazz are a slow starting team and having CJ "Light's out" Miles starting will only add to that. AK has played with this starting group for 4 years. He knows them and they know him. I can attach a CB Jack personal guarantee that AK's numbers will be the exact same whether he starts or comes off the bench. Only one thing can motivate AK and that is AK himself.

So CJ, when you read this (we know you will because every NBA star Google's himself 3 times a day), I dare you to comment and tell me you feel good about accepting that fat paycheck every two weeks. Tell me that you deserve starter minutes. Tell me that you're gonna prove us all wrong and that this is finally your year. Tell me CJ. And in return I will call you a fake to your face.

I will not rest until CJ Miles is not in a Jazz uniform. Jazz nation will agree by the end of November Think about this post next year when we are looking for 15M to sign our core players.

Oh, and since I had already done the leg work. Here is what I originally wanted to blog about after the 1st quarter.

Millsap bringing back the Big Dog Antoine Carr look.

And did Felton Spencer have a child named Kevin Lyde?


Basketball John said...

If only you would tell us how you really feel about CJ.

Seriously though, as much as you want to discount it, it is only the pre-season. He's playing with a group that he usually doesn't play with and against other starters.

Of course, that doesn't matter in Sloan's system. His poor play will likely result in Korver starting (providing Harp isn't back). In fact Korver looks deadly and if he keeps shooting like that, look out.

Anyway, back to CJ. All of his stats have gone up since his rookie year. And his turnovers are going down. His trip over the foul line was frustrating. But he's not going to be in the lineup in those situations in regular season games.

He'll be a spot starter and solid backup this year. He'll be just fine.

And remember, it's only $3.7 a year and the fourth year is a team option. So even if he totally bombs, the Jazz are out only $11MM. And maybe they trade him after the second year. But in two years, 3.7 will be a bargain.

Should we set up a friendly wager as to what his stats will be come the end of November? You can come up with the over/under on stats, and I'll place my bets.

C.B. Jack said...

He was in Idaho his rookie year. And you can't justify by saying his stats go up every year. 1.3 pts to 2.1 pts doesn't mean you are doing things right. I will take your bet. LeT me work the numbers and I will email you my thoughts so you can give the over/under.

The Napster said...

I totally agree with Basketball John. CJ is an average player. He could get better. Maybe his problem is maturity, which will develop over the next season. Who knows. What I think is that you are too hard on him CB Jack. I also think that Korver would be a much better starter, and that Sloan either can see the potential of CJ that we can't, or that he will start Korver in his place soon. I also think the best places for AK are as follows:
1. Starting Power Forward.
2. Backup Power Forward
3. Starting Small Forward
And so I think his spot at Back up is an upgrade for the jazz.

Hey CB, lighten up man! There is a promising season ahead of the Jazz! They'll no doubt improve on their win total from last season!

The Napster said...

Oh, and CJ's stats last game were:
1 rebound, 7 assists, 13 points. His shooting was terrible, but that's just because he needs to start finishing at the rim instead of taking every open shot. Give him some credit!

Anonymous said...

A big, fat DITTO to everything you said!!

C.B. Jack said...

he is not playing against starters. most teams are sitting out their real starters (Roy iverson webster aldridge ferzazdez atkins nene). he has played with this jazz group on the floor...or three years! you guys are acting like he is a new addition to the team trying to learn a new offense and new personnel. this is all cj knows. he should have it down pact by now. and maturity? 4 year players should be mature by now. he needs to quit taking horrible jump shots. stop swinging on his jock strap jazz fans.

Anonymous said...

i kind of like him actually. Who else is out there to drain our FG%? Nobody thats who. If we sat him, we would be shooting in the 60%'s and all the other teams would get jealous, and we dont want that

Anonymous said...

i kind of like him actually. Who else is out there to drain our FG%? Nobody thats who. If we sat him, we would be shooting in the 60%'s and all the other teams would get jealous, and we dont want that

Christian said...

I also think CJ has limited potential, unlike most Jazz Fans and Brass. I do like him being out there with D-Will because I feel he is a leader and will not hold back if he does not play well. He needs to be around the starting lineup so he does not make as many mistakes.

I still love AK off the bench. I think AK playing the 4 off the bench is the best thing the Jazz could do. AK and Korver will dominate any team's second unit.

Truly, we cannot have 15 GREAT players. There will always be "contributors" (how they contribute is up in the air), but it's better to have those players work along with BETTER players who can take up slack and make them work harder/smarter.

Christian said...

Correction to my first paragraph:
I also think CJ has limited potential, unlike most Jazz Fans and Brass. I do like CJ being out there with D-Will because I feel Deron is a leader and will not hold back if CJ does not play well. Mile needs to be around the starting lineup so he does not make as many mistakes.

MC Welk said...

It's KEVIN Lyde, and C.J. will be just fine (tonight's 1-7 notwithstanding) or, at least, better than Almond.