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Friday, October 10, 2008

Are the Blazers for real? Let's find out...


In preparation for the BIG HUGE VERY IMPORTANT preseason game against Portland on Sunday, we shot a few quick questions over to Dave at Here is the skinny...

TBJ: The Blazers won the season series against the Jazz last year 3-1. Who wins the season series this year.
BE: Best guess:  2-2.  The Blazers still have some nice matchups but everybody is going to be taking Portland more seriously this year, including the Jazz.

TBJ Note: I could see this happening. The Jazz struggled with the Blazers last year. I can't wait to see what Blazer has his career night against the Jazz. I'm expecting Steve Blake to drop 32 and 15 assists on us.

TBJ: Compare Mehmet Okur with Arvydas Sabonis. 1-on-1 who would win in their prime.
BE: The key here is “in their prime”.  Sabonis never played in the NBA in his prime.  Before injuries took him he was an absolutely huge man who could dribble and pass like a point guard, shoot like a small forward, and dominate centers.  He’d have killed Okur no matter what stage of his career Mehmet was in.  The NBA Sabonis…I still would rather have him as a Blazer because I loved watching him but from a straight statistical standpoint Mehmet has a strong argument and I'd expect Jazz fans to choose him.

TBJ Note: You are expecting correct. Jazz fans will always certainly take Memo here. Although Arvydus was hands down the first Euro player who I really liked.

TBJ: Which rising star will win a title first: Deron Williams or Brandon Roy
BE: Williams won’t have the players around him that Roy will.  Brandon has the better chance.  That doesn’t mean he’s a better player or that the Blazers are a better team right now.  Portland’s starting lower but their upward arc is steeper.

TBJ Note: This could be true as well. While I think the Jazz window is open and the Trophy is beckoning them to enter. The Blazers chance is right around the corner, but I'm interested to see how they keep all of their young talent in Red and Black.

TBJ: What trade would it take to get Brandon Roy in a Utah Jazz uniform.
BE: Deron Williams.  Nothing else would come close.  Roy is a near-perfect fit for the Blazers.

TBJ Note: Not. Gonna. Happen. I like Roy. I like him a lot. But you can't put him on the same tier as D-Will. How about a Brewer/Milsap/Collins/Harpring/Price/Knight/Boozer deal?

TBJ: If you could create a Blazers/Jazz Dream Team starting 5. Who would fill what position. Who would be the 6th man (cannot be a starter) and who would be the coach.

BE: Williams, Roy, Kirilenko, Aldridge, Oden.  Sixth man is hard to say right now.  I like Korver and Millsap but I might be tempted to go with someone like Rudy Fernandez in the long run because he can play multiple positions.  I know Jazz fans are going to argue about the Aldridge/Boozer thing but I’m assuming we’re putting a team together for multiple years and Aldridge is going to be an all-around beast in about a season and a half.  Plus he complements Oden well.  I need someone who can shoot deep and defend the perimeter more than I need another 20-point guy with that backcourt.

TBJ Note: Aldridge? I like him, but doesn't he need to prove himself before starting over a two time All-Star and Gold Medalist? I would say Milsap or Korver because Rudy Fernandez again hasn't proven himself. You're putting him there 100% on "upside". Just agree with you there.

TBJ: Thanks and us Jazz fans look forward to embarrassing your young, inexperienced team ;)

BE: Enjoy it while you can.

Thanks to Dave for taking time out of his absolutely freakishly amazing busy day working on Blazers Edge. That blog has game.


Booner said...
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Booner said...

Looks like we will have to wait until the regular season to see what happens here. Although the Jazz won, like Sloan said , "that game didn't mean anything."