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Saturday, October 18, 2008


I was just watching the preseason game against the Bulls and Deron rolled his ankle pretty bad on a 3-point shot in the first quarter. He came down on Rose's foot and was writhing in pain before being carried off the court. I HATE speculating, but it looked bad enough that he might miss the first couple games of the season. This team is maybe a .500 team without him, HEAL FAST AND COME BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!

Couldn't get the video up before ESPN (roomie's Bday party had precedence) but here's ESPN's recap and video highlights ( highlights as well). Make sure your desk is clear of sharp objects.

UPDATE: Left ankle inversion sprain and X-rays are negative.

UPDATE 2: Ross Siler points out that a severe ankle sprain means Deron would likely be out for 4 weeks, which which takes us to Nov 19 against Milwaukee, 11 games into the season. These are the games he could miss if it is a "severe" sprain:

  • Denver
  • Clippers
  • @ Clippers
  • Blazers
  • @ Thunder
  • @ Knicks
  • @ Sixers
  • @ Wizards
  • @ Bobcats
  • @ Cavs
  • Suns
Without Deron I predict a 6-5 start; WITH Deron that's easily 9-2. Let's all pray to the Basketball Gods, on this Sunday, that it was not as bad as it looked and that he'll be back in 2 weeks!


Booner said...

Son of a Bitch!

Anonymous said...


Booner said...

MRI today...cross your fingers. Right now Jason Hart's saying to himself: "I toed you mane...I toed you. Wish you had me now."
No, not really J-Shart. Not really.