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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

John Hollinger is the smartest man alive

After yesterday's clearly erroneous power rankings, John Hollinger has released his predictions for the upcoming NBA season.  Instead of barely making the top third, Hollinger is predicting the Jazz to be the #1 seed in the West, and, in his subsequent chat, announced that he is picking a Utah/Boston finals.

His analysis of the team is pretty spot on.  He lists the biggest weakness as interior defense which we here at True Blue Jazz have been complaining about for quite some time.  The biggest strength, Hollinger claims, is interior scoring, which is pretty accurate since the Jazz are a layup team (which is also why they are always at or near the top of the FG% list).

Hollinger lays out the West like this (remember this ISN'T a power ranking, but a prediction of how the seeding will end up):
  1. Jazz
  2. Lakers
  3. Rockets
  4. Hornets
  5. Spurs
  6. Suns (tie with Mavs)
  7. Mavs (tie with Suns)
  8. Blazers
This seams pretty reasonable to me.  Obviously there are a LOT of games to be played and injuries always play a big factor, but, in our opinion, Hollinger is on the right track.


Hammy said...

Amen to that my brother. Hollingers analysis just proves my point that Marc Stein was off his rocker. I am not ready to annoint the Jazz as the best team in the west, but they are clearly in the discussion and have to be considered as one of the top three teams in the league. God bless you John Hollinger.

grungedave said...

Who did Hollinger pick to win the West last year? Oh, that's right -- the Rockets. (That didn't work out so well.)

I hope he is consistently wrong again this year. If so, enjoy your first round exit!

Booner said...

As someone who is all too familiar with First Round Exits, if that is the case for the Jazz we will be sure to turn to you, grungedave for comfort through the difficult times.

aa said...