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Friday, October 31, 2008

Almond "No" Joy

See ya later Morris, we hardly new you. The Jazz have decided that Morris Almond no longer has a place with the team and have declined to pick up the option on his contract meaning that he will become an un-restricted free agent next year. The SL Trib reports that the Jazz are seeking out a trade as well so there might be more to this story. Hopefully the Jazz just trade him for a future pick somewhere down the road or package him with some other loose parts for something with a little more valuable. I say we play GM for the day and post your best trade options including Morris Almond.

I would do one of two things here. Trade Almond for a future first round pick and hope that the team you send him to gets bad. I would look to trade him to someone like Detroit, Dallas or Phoenix who are going to have to go through some re-building years soon so you might get lucky with them bottoming out when you get their pick. The second trade I would explore is Almond and Harpring for a decent back up big man. I would move forward assuming that the Jazz are going to be able to re-sign Boozer and Okur, but not Milsap and try to get someone to fill that void.


Amar said...

I want to get rid of harpring as much as the next rational jazz fan, though I don't see a trade for 2 wings for 1 big being exactly the way we're headed. why? We currently have Memo in the paint. We also have Collins (for at least this season). Behind them we have three unproven white guys: Fes, Koufos and Tomic.

Even if you get rid of collins, next season that's already 4 centers. (Maybe tomic doesn't come over, that makes it 3)

I don't see the Jazz trading two wings for another center -- like I stated earlier -- when the end result is 4 bigguys next season, and still, only 48 mins to dole out.

Anonymous said...

almond and harpring for mark madsen. If we are going to trade out a clean-cut white guy, we have to get one back

Jessie said...

Hi guys, Im new to commenting on here but read all the time. I am not suprised in the least that the Jazz didnt pick up Almond. Some team will love him but he just doesnt sit well with J-Slo and this system.

My dream trade (someone will blast me for this, guaranteed)but I think we should move Morris, maybe a Collins type player, and Mr. Boozer for Mr. Amare Stoudamire. I know we like Booz, and its not ideal to change things up, or trade within the West, but I dont see us getting past the Lakers with Boozer. Amare is a 20 and 10 guy like Booz, is a little younger and a lot more athletic, and can slam a basketball like someone his size is supposed to. Booz is the same guy as the playoffs, he still wont go to the basket strong, etc. I like Boozer, but we will lose him after this contract year, and we should trade him while we can get something out of him. Or Dwight Howard. He is a stud. Just imagine what D-Will would do with someone with the athleticism of Amare or Dwight. I love Boozer just as much as the next guy, but dont think he has what we need to get past the Lakers, which is truly what we need to build our team around.

Anonymous said...

ya man that would be great expect for Amare and Dwight are franchise players. They would not trade them for just Boozer (or anyone not named "Deron", for that matter) in a million years. Maybe Al Jefferson or Andrew Bynum could be more do-able