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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Quick chat with Bright Side of the Sun

      As the Jazz prepare to play the Suns tonight, we took a quick moment to chat with the #1 Suns blog on the net, Bright Side of The Sun.

      1. Who would you rather have leading your team today: Deron Williams or Steve Nash and why?

      Today Steve Nash. But tomorrow and from there on Mr. Williams. I like D-Will's game a lot and his make up. And his size. I think we've clearly seen the best from Nash in the rear view mirror. If he's not over used he should have another good year left in him but he's just not the same player that he was. I am hoping that by next year he can come off the bench. Maybe

      we can trade him for CP3 in 2010?

      2. Who will go down with an injury first (missing 10+ games): AK-47 or Amare

      Other then goofy hair and tearful moments there's really nothing I would pick AK-47 over Amare for. Besides, Amare only get's hurt before the season starts. He's actually pretty durable. I am thinking that next year we just sit him out until November.

      3. Did the Jazz make a bad decision letting Raja Bell leave as a Free Agent?

      Yes. Or maybe not. Tough call. I don't think he's better then Ronnie Brewer right now but I do think he's a perfect Jerry Sloan type guy so I don't know why they let him go.

      4. How do you see the season series playing out this year?  Last year the Jazz won the series 2-1. Will Deron ever dunk on Shaq?

      Do we play this year? Honestly, I haven't given the Jazz much thought. 2-1 sounds good. Or 2-2 perhaps. I think both teams are more focused on their division rivals. You guys need to be watching the Blazers and we will focus on the Lakers. Do we play the Jazz this year?

      5. Pretend the Jazz and Suns merge into one team. Who starts at what position and why? Who is the 6th man (cannot be a current starter). Who coaches the team?

      You asked me this question last year. Same answer <>applies except you can move Amare to PF and put Shaq in as Center. I am no longer a Boozer fan and I still would take an old Grant Hill over AK-47. What a waste of contract. Can't you trade him to Moscow for some borsht?

      I think a rivalry requires a two way street. I just don't find myself up for the Jazz this year. I think you guys took a step back and so did we.

      Editors Note: Allllrighty then. (Insert smiley face with blank stare here). That's fine they feel that way, I mean I didn't even consider the Suns a rival either, ever… in a world. (sniffle sniffle) I mean who would want to be rivals with a team who shares state lines…or is in the same Western Conference… or also has purple in their team color

      So there you go Jazz fans. Thanks to Phx Stan for taking time to chat with us.

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C.B. Jack said...

Not much to say about that game other than it feels like the Jazz are falling in love with the jump shot. I didn't see as many back door cutting, hard screens and key flashes as I am used to. Either that or it's been a few months since I've watched a game. Andrei played great at the 4. His help defense was on the money. Took the big cactus out of the game.

Korver played great. I wish we still had Bell though.