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Monday, October 6, 2008

Let the (Pre-Season) Games Begin

The First Annual "Hammies"

I know its only pre-season and that the games matter about as much as T. Boone Pickens presidential campaign adds do, but I for one am pumped to see some Jazz action again. I can't wait to hear Craig Bolerjack say, "Were coming to you live from..." or to hear Ron Boone say something silly like, " I think the key to winning tonight is to score more points than the opposition". So, before we get the games under way, I want to present my pre-season Jazz team awards.


This could go to Matt Harpring if he retires and clears his 6 mil off the books, Andrei Kirilenko if he decides to restructure his contract down to 8 or 9 mil per year or CJ Miles if he is indeed the next coming of Larry Bird, but since none of that will happen it goes Deron Williams. Easiest choice of the year, by a long shot.
Bold Prediction: Deron will be the leading League MVP candidate after the first third of the season. Take that Chris Paul!

Most Improved

From the camp reports that I read and the performance in the scrimmage game I think Ronnie Brewer will take this one for a second straight year. Imagine if Ronnie can actually hit the three at about 35% this year, he could be a borderline all-star.
Bold Prediction: Ronnie will be a second or third all NBA defensive team member.

Most Declined

Matt Harpring. All signs point to Matt becoming an after thought for the Jazz as the season wears on. His style of play has finally caught up to him and the young guys are ready to take his place. On a side note, did you guys know that Matt Harpring was a football player?
Bold Prediction: Matt is included in the complicated 4 team deal. See "Most to Gain" below for more details.

Most to Lose

Doesn't this have to be Carlos Boozer as he is looking to opt out and get paid next year? If it's playoff Boozer for 82 games he might as well not opt out because who is going to pay a 15 point, 10 board, 41% shooting no defense PF more than the 13 mil he is guaranteed from the Jazz? On the other hand if he goes 22 and 12 and plays just a smidge of D he will command 5 years and 100 mil and would get it for sure. A not so close second would be Memo as he can opt out as well, but I think at this point you know what you are going to get with Memo and can figure on pretty solid raise for him no matter what.
Bold Prediction: Carlos will average career highs across the board, even on D further proving that money is the best motivator for these athletes.

Most to Prove

CJ Miles, hands down. You got your money, now go out and earn it. And I don't want to hear anyone say that Sloan has to give him a chance. I think its pretty obvious that if you are deserving of playing time over another player, Sloan will give it to you. At the very least CJ should be able to take over Harpring's minutes.
Bold Prediction: CJ averages 10 shot attempts per game in only 10 minutes per game.

Most to Gain

Paul Milsap. Paul, it was nice knowing you. I hope you put up good numbers in Memphis or Oklahoma City next year because you sir are going to get some jack. I really hope the kid gets his and does well for who ever it is, because unless the Jazz let Carlos walk there is no way they can match the 5 year 50 mil deal he is sure to get. Paul's biggest goal this year should be to not blow out his knee and ruin that next contract.
Bold Prediction: Along with Matt Harpring Paul is involved in a complicated 4 team trade signing a long term extension with a new team and bringing the Jazz 1 expiring contract and 2 draft picks from some team that is on the bubble of making the playoffs.

Steadiest Performer

Adrei Kirilenko is going to surprise us this year. He is not going to make us think that he is getting paid what he deserves, but he will make us forget what he is getting paid if that make sense. I think that Andrei has finally "matured" enough to understand his role and is happy doing it.
Bold Prediction: Andrei will very quietly get 2 5x5's and 3 triple doubles this year.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it and like all future tellers I will be happy (outside of Deron for MVP, that is a lock) if I am right on any of these. As a preview of pre-season game number 1 all I can say is that the Jazz will kick the crap out of the Lakers and I hope that Kobe's pinkie falls off as he is getting fouled relentlessly by the Jazz.


Booner said...

Although I realize tonights result is worthless I am anxious to see the team and how the Summer has treated them. I hope D-Will gets in, dominates and gets out. We know he is the man so I want to see what CJ is doing with his life and whether or not he was worth the money.
I'm surprised there was no prediction involving Korver. Such as the "Most Likely to Ruin C.B. Jack's Marriage Award" or the "Who Looks more like the C.B. Jack Twins, C.B. Jack or Kyle Korver?" Save it for next year I guess.
Go Jazz.

P.S. Are you shi*%ing me? Harpring a football player? It all makes sense now. They need to show highlights from time to time during the season. That would be great T.V.

UtesFan89 said...

Please don't say that about Harp & football & TV. I know it's sarcasm... but if they keep showing it, I might have to stop watching Jazz broadcasts.

They don't seem to understand that we've all seen it now. Millions of times too many.

Oh, and about the awards... if CJ is only getting 10 minutes a game,
1- the Jazz just wasted a ton of money
2- the Jazz are playing Matt too much, and are therefore screwed.

UofTOrange said...

Saw the box score and didn't realize Gabe Mouneke was in your camp. I love that guy (Hook'em bitches). I'm assuming he has about a -60% chance to make the team, right?

Hammy said...

I think that the Jazz have 18 guys under contract right now so you are dead on Gabes chances. Does your love for all things Texas extend to CJ Miles and Deron Williams, both Texas natives?

C.B. Jack said...

to start. booner you need to watch your mouth. you french kiss your mother with that mouth. second. is pickens even running? not sure what right win magazines you subscribe to booner. third. utes fan welcome back from whatever cave you have been hiding in.