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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bloggers Power Rankings - Preseason

Ryan at Hornets247 had a great idea this off season and decided to put together a group NBA bloggers and do a weekly Power Rankings. True Blue Jazz was happy to participate. This will become a new weekly segment throughout the season.

True Blue Jazz is excited to host the Power Rankings in November and February. These are the best and brightest NBA bloggers on the net. Surprising enough, not every blog put "their" team in first. I must admit that the Power Rankings are probably the most legit I've seen (next to USA Today...not). Perhaps this is because there are multiple people from every team involved.

I won't spoil the surprise and tell you where our boys in blue ended up. You'll have to visit and find out for yourself. Feel free to leave a comment on his site and represent for the Jazz fans. We are currently getting slaughtered over there. Well...I am at least.

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Sober as Hot Rod said...

I agree that this is a pretty good powerranking. The order seems a lot more logical to me than other Power Rankings. I'm not sure how much I like power rankings, but it's nice when there isn't a lot of bias in them (or in this case so much bias that it counteracts itself).