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Friday, October 24, 2008

Northwest Bloggers Season Preview

Jeremy at Pickaxe and Roll put together a nice little survey for all of the Northwest Division bloggers to participate in. The results are back and I wanted to share them with you.

Let's just say it was a Utah Jazz love fest. You will find my comments after each question.

Who will be the Newcomer of the Year in the Northwest Division?
Greg Oden – 69.2% (9 votes)
Kevin Love – 15.4% (2 votes)
Mike Miller – 7.7% (1 vote)
Rudy Fernandez – 7.7% (1 vote)

CB Jack: That's some pretty stiff competition you got there Mr. Oden. Where is Brevin Knight on
this question?

    2. Who is the most overrated player in the Northwest Division?
    Carmelo Anthony – 46.2% (6 votes)
    Carlos Boozer – 15.4% (2 votes)
    Kevin Durant – 7.7% (1 vote)
    Al Jefferson – 7.7% (1 vote)
    Andrei Kirilenko – 7.7% (1 vote write in)
    Jeff Green – 7.7% (1 vote write in)
    Chucky Atkins – 7.7% (1 vote write in)

    CB Jack: Thank the Lord that bloggers are finally starting to put their thinking caps on. Melo IS the most overrated player in the West and perhaps the NBA. I was a little surprised at the AK write-in (I know it was you Nugg Doctor…wait. How did he not get invited here? I am not happy about that at all. You must respect the Nugg Doctor). How can AK be overrated if he is no longer rated at all?

    3. Who is the most underrated player in the Northwest Division?
    Ronnie Brewer – 30.8% (4 votes)
    Mehmet Okur – 23.1% (3 votes)
    LaMarcus Aldridge – 15.4% (2 votes write in)
    J.R. Smith – 7.7% (1 vote)
    Ryan Gomes – 7.7% (1 vote write in)
    Nick Collison – 7.7% (1 vote write in)
    Joe Smith – 7.7% (1 vote write in)

    CB Jack: Easy Ronnie. Don't let this stuff get to your head…on second thought, do. The TBJ boys and I attended the preseason game last night against Portland and come the 3rd quarter Booner says to me "Ronnie has 18 pts? When did that happen?". I have to say he has a legitimate change at making the All-Star game…if Kobe gets hurt, Brandon Roy does a boycott and the entire West Coast falls into the Ocean. So you're telling me there's a chance!?

    4. Who is the worst rotation player (at least 15 minutes per game) in the Northwest Division?
    Sebastian Telfair – 30.8% (4 votes)
    Johan Petro – 30.4% (4 votes)
    Jeff Green – 23.1% (3 votes)
    Corey Brewer – 7.7% (1 vote)
    Matt Harpring – 7.7% (1 vote)

    CB Jack: Um…someone got this really wrong. I would put one CJ Miles at the top of this list. And every other "worst" and "overrated" list.

    5. Who will make the playoffs?
    Portland Trailblazers – 61.5% (8 votes)
    Portland Trailblazers and Denver Nuggets – 23.1% (3 votes)
    Denver Nuggets – 15.4% (2 votes)

    CB Jack: zzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz

    6. Are the Utah Jazz a legitimate championship contender?
    Yes – 76.9% (10 votes)
    No – 23.1% (3 votes)

    CB Jack: Damn skippy they are. Again I'm sure the Denver blogs banned together and boycotted the Jazz in this answer. SLC > Denver biatches!

    7. The Minnesota Timberwolves will be in the playoffs…
    in 5 years – 38.5% (5 votes)
    in 3 years – 23.1% (3 votes)
    um…don’t hold your breath T-Wolves fans – 23.1% (3 votes)
    next year – 15.4% (2 votes)

    CB Jack: I couldn’t tell if this question was a joke or not? I think it was. I hope it was.

    8. Who will be the player of the year in the Northwest Division?
    Deron Williams – 77.0% (10 votes)
    Al Jefferson – 15.4% (2 votes)
    Greg Oden – 7.7% (1 vote write in)

    CB Jack: Well done bloggers. I am so glad there wasn't an AI or Melo reference here. I understand the T-Wolves fans put Al Jefferson, I would too if he was on my team. I was a little surprised there was no mention of Brandon Roy?

    9. Where will each team finish in the Northwest Division?
    First – Utah Jazz – 100% (13 votes)
    Second – Portland Trailblazers – 84.6% (11 votes)
    Third – Denver Nuggets – 84.6% (11 votes)
    Fourth – Minnesota Timberwolves – 92.3% (12 votes)
    Fifth – Oklahoma City Thunder – 92.3% (12 votes)

    CB Jack: And there you have it. All 13 bloggers agree that the Jazz will be hanging another "Northwest Division Champions" banner in the ESA. Pick-and-Roll said it best last night at the game: "We seriously need to stop hanging the division banners. It's time for a World Championship banner the size of the Great Salt Lake in this joint."

Here are the bloggers who conceded the division crown to us. This guys are doing great work.

Jeremy – Pickaxe and Roll
Andy – Denver Stiffs
Wyn – Canis Hoopus
College Wolf – TWolves Blog
Joe – Thunder Guru
Zebulun and Benjamin – Blue Blitz
Royce – Thunderworld
Casey – Trail Blazers Center Court
Coup – Rip City Project
Dave – Blazer’s Edge
Basketball John – SLC Dunk
UtesFan89 – The Utah Jazz
CB Jack – True Blue Jazz


Sober as Hot Rod said...

It looks like Minnesota and Denver were only allowed 2 blogger representatives whereas the other teams were given 3. I'm guessing this is because Denver fans are too thugish to fill out the survey and not enough people in Minnesota care to have 3 pesky Timberwolf blogs.

Hammy said...

Nugg Dr. should have been involved, but that would have meant a gew more votes for Melo to get busted on weed posession.