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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just 'cause you have a nickname doesn't mean you fit in, Birdman

It’s FINALLY back!!! Jazz basketball! Well it was great to get our first win! I agree with Hammy, that it didn’t have all the luster without DWill and Carmelo but it was good to see the Jazz back in action!

My observation from last night was how bad did you feel for the white, very goofy Chris Andersen! He knows he is playing for the McThuggets and has too keep up with his appearance! During the offseason he did a lot of work, not on his game skills but body art! He spent countless amount of time in his favorite tattoo parlor trying to make himself fit in with the team! When his mother was asked about his offseason work she mentioned he “looks like a human coloring book.” Interesting take!

At least he has the background history that the GM of the McThuggets looks for when finding NBA talent (suspended for two year after the 2006 season for breaking the drug policy of the NBA) So maybe we shouldn’t feel so bad that he may not be fitting in! I am sure him and his fellow THUGS A.I, Carmelo, and lets not forget THUG LIFE himself K.Martin, have a lot to talk about on trips home after losing to the Jazz.

We could not have started out with beating a more disliked team by Jazz fans (Well at least by me). Lets keep it rolling and I hope to see DWill back on the court soon. Turn over fest last night! Good thing the McThuggets had the same problem!


Nugg Doctor said...

Take it easy on The Birdman! You guys could cause him to relapse!

Hammy said...

I promise if the Birdman was on the Jazz we would all be wearing fake tatoo's and crazy hairdos. His game is actually right up Jerry Sloans alley, right down to being a second round pick.

C.B. Jack said...

Possibly one of the best articles I've read on ESPN. It's all about The Birdman. Take time to read it all. It's absoluely intriguing.

Hammy said...

Read that story about a month ago and actually felt a little sorry for the guy. Then I remembered he is being paid to play basketball and was an idiot for blowing all his money on dope and tatoos. It is a very intriguing article though. Should we start a book club now?