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Monday, October 20, 2008

It Could be Worse...

In an effort to remove this image of D-Will from my mind I started thinking about ways this D-Will injury could be worse. Now, I know the results from the MRI are still up in the air, but lets assume worst case scenario and D-Will is out 4-5 weeks. Which I should say before I get into the lighter side of things, would ruin, Halloween and Thanksgiving....not to mention me and my four year old daughters birthdays. In fact, I've already told my daughter if D-Will is not back by her birthday she can count out any gifts. Why, you ask. Because I will be using the funds for the weekly bouquet of flowers I'll be sending to D-Will. Stalker? No. True Blue Loving Caring Fan? Yes. There is still hope for us Jazz fans. Here is why.

Some of you know I am a die-hard New England Patriots fan. Let me tell you this, I would give up making love to my wife for Tom Brady only to have a "Left ankle inversion sprain." (My wife would give me up completely for Tom Brady.) Had he suffered the same injury as D-Will, there would still be hope in site for Patriot Nation.

At least we don't have this guy:

Remember this celebratory-induced injury? (my personal favorite.)

Ahhh, eeee, ewwww, ahhhh.

Do I really need to explain why D-Will's sprain is better than this?

(Don't look if you have a weak stomache)Umm, yea. I'll take the sprain over this.

So, cheer up Jazz fans. If there is one thing D-Will has proven to me, it's that the guy wants to play and he wants to win. He will be back. Whether it's two weeks or four weeks, Deron will be back and the Jazz will be just fine. Besides, look at it this way, we still have Boozer. This could be his chance to carry us.......on second thought. Hurry up D-Will, please hurry up.

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Scrumtrulescent said...

I think even with Price and Knight at the helm we can do....OK. Without DWill we're closer to a team like Sacramento or Denver, still have a lot of firepower, but not a lot of leadership. I have dreams of a Willis Reed scenario on opening night...