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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jazz-Rockets Game 4 Preview

Dear Carlos, We miss you. Please come home. Love, My Utah Jazz

Below is the link to ESPN's preview of tonight's game. I would write my own preview/prediction but predicting game three was the last one you will see from me. Besides, I cannot write too much about the Jazz without going into f-bomb mode. What they did to me and my family the other night damn-near ruined me. Due to a minor case of tourette's, I twitch quite a bit as it is, but you should see me when I start stressing out. Not good at all. You come within a foot of me.... you are going to get hurt.

So, enough of that. Here's the preview from ESPN's Scout's Inc. Click here for the series page.

Again, this is not my prediction. I am staying as far away from predictions as possible. All I am going to say is, if we can get even, semi productive minutes from Memo, Korver, and Milsap, I like our chances. Let's do this Jazz. It's time to make teams fear the ESA again!



Scrumtrulescent said...

Good news: Violet Palmer is reffing the Celtics/Hawks game.

Scrumtrulescent said...

Bad news: still 3 minutes in the 3rd Q of a close game and the Jazz game is supposed to start in 20 min.

C.B. Jack said...

wanna come over to my house and watch the game with Booner and I?

Scrumtrulescent said...

I MIGHT make it in time for game 5