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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Take That CP3!

I realize half of you have the game Tivo'd and have yet to watch the game but I could not wait! It wasn't pretty but the Jazz "D" does it again. (I can't believe I am actually making reference to the Jazz "D.") Neither D-Will or CP3 lit it up, however, D-Will won the battle of the dimes with 16!

I would love to share highlights etc. of the game and I am sure we will have some later, but so far, ESPN, SI etc. have yet to mention it. I am sure they will play it down and focus on CP3's next game. That's fine with me though, leaving New Orleans with a "W" is all I need to sleep well tonight! Nice win Jazz!




atthehive said...

Hornets fan here, congratulations on the win. That was easily the best defense I've seen anyone play on the Hornets this season.

Jeff said...

In a game like this one, I think the most telling stat between D-Will and Paul was the differential:

Williams: +6
Paul: -22

Paul wasn't just a non-factor; he hurt his team tonight. Without Pargo and the bench, this is a 30-point win for the Jazz.

Great D, Jazz!

abellamy said...

I am actually not sold on the Jazz D tonight. It looks like they were locked down all game, but, NO couldnt hit a shot. They looked terrible. I dont credit this to the Jazz D, more to NO not be able to hit the broad side of the barn.

Anonymous said...

Abellamy...."I'm not convinced yadda yadda", bull$HIT! The Jazz defense was unbelievable just like against the Spurs! Jazz are going all the way!

ps.Chris "I am ESPN" Paul, drinks pee.

pss.Send Harpring instead of AK to the CLIPS!