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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hopefully Mcgrady is o.k.

Mcgrady is a medical miracle. How is it that he can be in so much pain and drop to his knees. Not even being able to walk in some cases. And the very next play get the ball and he is at 100 %. Earlier in the game it looked as if he lost his eye site then once again he was at full strength. I think he realizes he need to fake some sort of injury after the beating the Jazz will put on them.
Mcgrady is over rated and always will be. I wish E.S.P.N would realize the rockets aren't as good as the announcer's think they are. Hey E.S.P.N, Is it really that hard to get a girl announcer to sound like a girl. Instead of Barry White.
I still hate every Texas team. They are all a bunch of flopping cry babies.
The only good thing to come out of Texas is the F.L.D.S church.

The Whistle


C.B. Jack said...

Oh Snap....

Boozers Hammy said...

Holy crap whistle I thought you had retired and then from way down town you nail a huge three to win the game. You are kind of like our very own CJ Miles, sporadic playing time but wow you bring it when you get your chance.

I hope that everyone in Houston understands that Tracy is a girls name and Tracy McGrady is doing nothing to change that perception.

Ron Boone said...

whistles back!

Ron Boone said...

Whistle? Whistle? Damn, he's gone again.

julio said...

Here a spanish jazzfan, this night we have win the second game, and Boozer make more points for injury Yao Ming.

Scola is a danger, my team game with your Tau CerĂ¡mica and is a better player.

This night we need than better Mehmet Okur but make danger centers of Houston Rockets.

Scrumtrulescent said...

Dear Julio, please comment as much as you possibly can.

K-wonder said...

That may be my favorite post ever on this website.
P.S.-I think Julio should start his own blog, I would seriously read it every day.

Ron Boone said...

Holy sh#$ Scrum, I am dying.

C.B. Jack said...

I'm not sure if Scrums comment was better or Julio.


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