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Thursday, April 24, 2008

**Live Blog** Jazz vs. Rockets - Game 3

Keep it PG-13. Go Jazz!


andre said...

That "where amazing happens" video could have been great but it was way too long.

Also, in the live chat I think I saw something like the Jazz are 5-23 without Deron Williams? Not sure if that was the correct statistic or not but he has only missed like 2 games in his career.

Another thing, the majority of you in the live chat kept on saying that Deron Williams is being overlooked because he is playing in Utah. Well a couple of things jump out at me:
Karl Malone won 2 NBA MVPs while with the Jazz, and no matter how much I liked it, it is quite obvious that he did not deserve the first one. It was probably the most awkward finals ever.
Another thing is that John Hollinger actually picked the Jazz to make it out of the West and Deron Williams is not even on his list of MVP candidates. A friend of mine and I were discussing what would happen if Williams and Paul switched places and we both came up with both teams having significantly worse records. Williams' strengths are more cohesive with the Jazz's system and Paul is not a good enough shooter to be efficient in the Jazz's system. He is a great player and I am an Illini so it was especially pleasing when they drafted him; also i love seeing them succeed in the NBA but I really think that he is not nearly as good as Paul.

Long comment but i seriously think you folks are doing a great job with this blog.

It may not seem like it but, I am a Jazz fan who no longer lives in Utah but rather in Seattle. I was in Houston this week so I was able to see the game in a hostile environment at a bar and I can tell you that wearing a Malone Jersey was the worst decision of my life.

C.B. Jack said...

Thanks for the comment Andre. I think we mean the Jazz were 5-23 shooting outside of Williams.

As for the D-Will vs. CP3 debate. Perhaps we see Deron play every night and have only seen CP3 a few times. But I stand by my statement that he is AS good as Paul. Not better, but he is certainly AS good.

We hope you can join us the next time we do a Live can wear your Malone jersey.

grungedave said...

another roundtable before Game 7?

Anonymous said...